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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Japanese Call Girl (Dirty Inside mix) Broken Fabiola 4:55
Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura remix) Broken Fabiola 5:27
Killing You Manufactura 5:08
Killing You Manufactura 5:39
Killing You (Converter mix) Manufactura 6:13
Killing You (Manufactura vs. Converter megamix) Manufactura 6:59
Killing You (Terrorfakt remix) Manufactura 4:04
Killing You (Unbound mix) Manufactura 5:58
Killing You (Vuxnut remix) Manufactura 5:52
Lament Broken Fabiola 5:19
Les Liée Ténèbres Manufactura 3:20
Live by the Knife, Die by the Knife Manufactura 5:52
Loneliest Girl Broken Fabiola 4:19
Love Can Be Murder Manufactura 4:32
Love Can Be Murder (Detune-X remix) Manufactura 4:10
Love Can Be Murder (TERRORFAKT remix) Manufactura 6:16
Love Can Be Murdered (Lexincrypt remix) Manufactura 5:15
Lovher (Beautiful & Tragic Mistake mix) Broken Fabiola 4:23
Manufactura Tears Kate Mosh's Fucking Heart Out (By DJ Antimatter) Manufactura vs. Kate Mosh 6:13
Manufactura Tears Kate Mosh's Fucking Heart Out (By DJ Antimatter) Manufactura 6:28
Mekanika Simetrika (a tribute to Esplendor Geometrico) Manufactura 6:23
Mekanika Symetrika (Tribute to Esplendor Geometrico) Manufactura 6:26
Mephistopheles Manufactura 4:55
Midnight: Grow Insane Manufactura 5:08
Mind & Heart Manufactura 4:27
Move AI-Head Broken Fabiola 3:27
Muerte, Sangre Manufactura 4:33
Muerte, Sangre (Death Waltz mix) Manufactura 4:12
Muerto de Miedo Manufactura 7:09
Muerto de Miedo (Absolute Condemnation mix) Manufactura 4:24
Muerto De Miedo (Databomb remix) Manufactura 7:11
Multigravida Garland Manufactura 3:29
My Mark on You Stranger Dreams 3:39
Name of the Offender (feat. Terrorfakt) Manufactura 7:19
Navaja el Cerebro Manufactura 6:03
Nightstalker Manufactura 5:43
Now We Become Death, the Destroyers of Dreams Manufactura 6:28
Only Our Fate Broken Fabiola 4:32
Only Our Fate (Svrd) Broken Fabiola 4:34
Open for Pleasure Manufactura 6:02
Pain Provider Manufactura 6:15
Pain Provider (Pneumatic Detach remix) Manufactura 4:57
Pain Provider (Self/Injected mix) Manufactura 7:41
Petite Broken Fabiola 3:25
Play Dead Manufactura 5:35
Rape Upon Rape Upon Rape Manufactura 5:42
Reckless Child Stranger Dreams 3:06
Red Tunnel Karloz Manufactura 3:06
Redemption Glis feat. Karloz.M 4:05
Rewind Broken Fabiola 5:00
Ritmo y Ruido Manufactura 4:53
Ritmo Y Ruido Manufactura 4:55
Russian Lullaby Broken Fabiola 4:34
Sacred Sin Manufactura 6:13
Sacred Sin Manufactura 2:26
Sacred Sin (Fear of Dreaming mix) Manufactura 6:27
Self-Mutilated Witchman of Hades Manufactura 2:41
Senticous Skin Manufactura 5:33
Sex & Suicide (This Is What You Need mix by Combichrist) Manufactura 7:10
Sex and Suicide (Leaving Scars) Manufactura 5:45
Silvers Bind Broken Fabiola 3:25
Slave Broken Fabiola 4:29
So Soft Inside Broken Fabiola 4:22
Some Where Made for Fucking Manufactura 4:37
Spinebreaker Manufactura vs. Micronaut 8:13
State Prison (live Riot mix by Databomb) Manufactura 6:28
Stoned to Death Manufactura 5:12
Stoned to Death (Dispersed Through Time mix) Manufactura 5:28
Sweet Flesh (feat. Notime & Broken Fabiola) Manufactura 4:46
Tender Bites Broken Fabiola 4:01
Tender Bites (edit) Broken Fabiola 4:04
The Absurdity of Terms and Conditions Manufactura 4:13
The Best Fucks Manufactura 4:27
The Betrayal Manufactura 5:48
The Betrayal (Why Don't You Just Kill Yourself mix by C/A/T) Manufactura 4:51
The Black Widow and the Serpent King Manufactura 6:34
The Cusp of Magic Through the Realm of Sin Manufactura 5:26
The Cycle Never Ends Karloz Manufactura 5:29
The Death Touch Manufactura vs. Micronaut 6:30
The Divine Discontent Manufactura 4:34
The Drowning Posession (Xotox remix) Manufactura 3:52
The Drowning Possession Manufactura 4:38
The Failure of the Heart Manufactura 6:27
The Falling Time Glis feat. Karloz.M 4:47
The Forest of Stones Manufactura 4:10
The Hypocrisy Karloz Manufactura 7:05
The Knowledge of Misery Karloz Manufactura 4:02
The Last Embrace Stranger Dreams 5:49
The Madness & the Whores Manufactura 2:59
The Madness & The Whores (Delusion mix) Manufactura 5:57
The Precession Concludes Manufactura 7:04
The Promise Stranger Dreams 3:46
The Saint of Violence Manufactura 5:05
The Whore That Loved Me Manufactura 5:18
The Whore’s Lullaby Manufactura 6:02
The World Is Evolving Karloz Manufactura 6:09
The Wrath of Truth Broken Fabiola 6:16
There's No Destination Manufactura 6:10
They Lust for Lost Love Manufactura 7:30
Through Sombrous Yearning Manufactura 6:39

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