Karloz M.

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
4:00 AM Manufactura 4:18
4:00 AM Manufactura 4:17
4:00am (Summoning Secret Earth mix) Manufactura 4:23
24 Sleeping Pills + 11 Shots of 151% Proof Manufactura 6:33
24 Sleeping Pills + 11 Shots of 151% Proof (Tambor mix) Manufactura 4:51
A Karmic Debt Marred 3:57
A Killer Manufactura 6:02
A Killer (Destino Final mix) Manufactura 6:02
A Lesson Manufactura 5:50
A Lesson ('99 demo Track) Manufactura 5:46
A Loveless Earth Marred 3:36
A Lovely Sort of Death Karloz Manufactura 3:17
A Mimic Reflection Marred 3:38
A Romance With Insanity Karloz Manufactura 6:20
A Secret Path Broken Fabiola 2:37
A Woman Scorned (A Woman Torn mix by Victo Ecret) Manufactura 7:47
Abysmal Oblivion Manufactura 14:41
Addict Manufactura 5:32
Addict (2017 Remastered) MNFCTR 5:31
Addict (Addicted Inner Soul remix by SANdBLASTING) Manufactura 5:14
Addict (C/A/T remix) Manufactura 4:40
All the Filth These Hands Have Touched Manufactura 5:13
All the Pretty Eyes Broken Fabiola 1:51
All The Pretty Eyes Broken Fabiola 2:26
All Things Must Die Manufactura 6:22
All Things Must Die (Iszoloscope remix) Manufactura 4:51
All Things Must Die (Noorglo remix) Manufactura 5:44
Amalgamous Broken Fabiola 6:26
Amor Oscuro Broken Fabiola 3:15
And Suffer You Shall Broken Fabiola 4:17
Animism Manufactura 5:24
Aroused Conviction Manufactura 5:19
Asolas En La Oscuridad Manufactura 3:50
Asolas en la Oscuridad (2011 remix by Architect) Manufactura 6:40
Asolas En La Oscuridad (Architect remix) Manufactura 6:01
Beat Bump Broken Fabiola 5:12
Beneath My Hands Death Is Love Manufactura 5:54
Besos De Sangre Manufactura 5:31
Besos De Sangre ('99 demo Track) Manufactura 5:35
Besotted With Bloodshed Manufactura 6:35
Besotted With Bloodshed Manufactura 6:34
Bitter Whore Karloz Manufactura 4:21
Blind Deaf & Mute (Aghast View remix) Manufactura 5:37
Blind Deaf and Mute Manufactura 5:27
Blind Deaf and Mute (Aghast View remix) Manufactura 5:40
Blind, Deaf & Mute Manufactura 5:24
Blind, Deaf & Mute Manufactura 5:23
Blind, Deaf and Mute (Muted mix by Broken Fabiola) Manufactura 4:22
Brutal Antipathy Manufactura 4:33
Burned Alive Manufactura 3:47
By the Moonlight Marred 6:04
By The Moonlight Marred 6:02
Can't Rape the Willing Manufactura 2:38
Can't Rape the Willing (AGN remix) Manufactura 3:08
Canto Gypsy (Displacer mix) Manufactura 4:13
Captive Stranger Dreams 4:07
Casting the Infernal Curse Manufactura 3:40
Chamelon Broken Fabiola 4:14
Cirujia Manufactura vs. Micronaut 6:00
Closer to Me Broken Fabiola 4:29
Cocaine Dreams Through Crystal Eyes Manufactura 4:39
Control. Domination. Response Manufactura 5:22
Control.Domination.Response Manufactura 5:22
Control.Domination.Response (The One and Only Dominator mix by Caustic) Manufactura 4:15
Cut by Loving Hands (Broken Fabiola mix) Manufactura 5:25
Dance of Blood Manufactura 5:57
Dance of Blood (Dubbed/Chopped/Screwed mix) Manufactura 5:52
Dance of Blood (Knife in Your Hands remix) Manufactura 6:00
Death of the Other Manufactura 4:49
Deep Waters Manufactura 5:21
Deep Waters (Harsh Industrial Virus+ Remix) MNFCTR 5:08
Deep Waters (Opheila's Descent mix by I:Scintilla vs. Destroid) Manufactura 5:31
Defile the Chastity of Your Flesh Manufactura 4:33
Deluge Of Fire Broken Fabiola 5:10
Delusions Of Grandeur Broken Fabiola 5:47
Departure Broken Fabiola 6:12
Die for Me Manufactura 6:42
Die for Me (Converter remix) Manufactura 6:25
Die for Me (Converter remix) Manufactura 5:22
Die for Me (Ultimate Sacrifice mix by Converter) Manufactura 6:11
Die the Death Manufactura 6:59
Die the Death (2017 Remastered) MNFCTR 6:57
Die Tonight Manufactura 6:20
Dismembered Digital.rape + MNFCTR 5:51
Dissident Perceptions (MNFCTR & ZOYA HEBAN) Manufactura 6:42
Dissident Perceptions (RE-MSTR) Digital.rape + MNFCTR 6:42
Distorted Duplicity Manufactura 5:44
Dream Killers Vow to Bathe in Morpheus Blood Manufactura 4:20
Dreams Of Surrender Broken Fabiola 6:11
Dyslexic Beauty Undressed Broken Fabiola 3:19
Elysian Fire Enfolds the Lost Manufactura 6:00
End Of Recognition Broken Fabiola 4:16
Eres Animal Manufactura 3:58
Everlasting Broken Fabiola 5:32
Fem Fatale Broken Fabiola 4:22
Fem Fatale Broken Fabiola 4:33
Fin Manufactura 2:28
FIN (Gritando remix) Manufactura 5:11
Fin (The End of the Heart) Manufactura 5:11
Forever Darkness Manufactura 7:37

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