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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Acquarius (Mushroom Dive Remix) Waldeck 5:20
Addicted Waldeck feat. Zeebee 3:49
Addicted Waldeck 3:57
Addicted Waldeck ?:??
Addicted Waldeck 3:50
Addicted Waldeck 3:52
Aquaribass Waldeck 8:34
Aquarius Waldeck ATS269640001 4:54
Aquarius Waldeck 5:01
Aquarius Waldeck 4:29
Aquarius Waldeck 4:58
Aquarius Waldeck 4:45
Aquarius Waldeck 2:57
Aquarius Waldeck 4:55
Aquarius Waldeck 2:59
Aquarius Waldeck 5:00
Aquarius (K&D Mushroom Dive remix) Waldeck ?:??
Aquarius (Mushroom Dive) Waldeck ATS269966112 5:25
Aquarius (radio edit) Waldeck 2:55
Aquarius (Straight Kruder & Dorfmeister mix) Waldeck 4:56
Aquarius (Straight) Waldeck 4:57
Aquarius (Under Water) Waldeck 5:11
Aquarius (Underwater) Waldeck 5:11
Bei mir bist du schön Waldeck 4:11
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön Waldeck 4:06
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön Waldeck 4:04
Bei mir bist du schön (dub) Waldeck 4:10
Bello ciao Waldeck feat. La Heidi 3:27
Brahms Lonely Mariachi Waldeck 2:42
Cat People (BTO Spider & Jeremiah's Blue Eyed Soul Cat) Waldeck 6:35
Cat People (Chin Chillaz Concubine Rerub) Waldeck 5:22
Cat People (Jung Collective Rehash) Waldeck 6:01
Cat People (Mushroom Dive's Danger Cat) Waldeck 6:14
Cat People (Mushroom Dive's Fatigue Limit) Waldeck 4:21
Cat People (Original Version) Waldeck 4:25
Cat People Dub Waldeck DED120100118 4:33
Cat People Dub (part of a “Bar Lounge Classics: Oriental Edition” DJ‐mix) Waldeck 4:24
Cat People Dub (Jung Collective Rehash) Waldeck 6:00
Chico Waldeck feat. La Heidi 2:38
Children of the Ghetto Waldeck ATS269853603 4:10
Children of the Ghetto Waldeck ATS269859001 4:33
Children of the Ghetto (Blackwing) Waldeck ATS269966115 8:18
Cut More Cheese Waldeck 3:46
Cut More Cheese (Super Cheese remix) Waldeck 6:26
Cut More Cheese (Supercheese) Waldeck 4:00
Cut the Cheese Waldeck 4:02
Death of a Piano Salesman Waldeck ATS269853609 5:14
Defenceless Waldeck 3 4:47
Defenceless Waldeck ATS269853601 4:29
Defenceless Waldeck 6:41
Defenceless Waldeck 4:29
Defenceless Waldeck 3:16
Defenceless (Fauna Flash radio edit) Waldeck 5:44
Defenceless (Fauna Flash) Waldeck ATS269963414 6:42
Defenceless (Mushroom Dive radio edit) Waldeck 4:58
Defenceless (Mushroom Dive radio edit) Waldeck 5:06
Defenceless (Mushroom Dive radio edit) Waldeck 5:06
Defenceless (radio version) Waldeck 3:16
Defenceless (Solar Moon remix) Waldeck 5:02
Defenceless (Solar Moon) Waldeck ATS269963413 5:01
Defenceless (Thievery Corp.) Waldeck 4:41
Defenceless (Thievery Corporation remix) Waldeck 4:41
Defenceless (Thievery Corporation remix) Waldeck 4:48
Defenceless (Thievery Corporation) Waldeck ATS269963412 4:50
Defenceless (Thievery Corporation) Waldeck 4:44
Demasked Waldeck 7:35
Demasked Waldeck 7:34
Demasked Waldeck ?:??
Demasket Waldeck 7:30
Dope Noir Waldeck 4:14
Dreaming Waldeck 6:30
Dub Ploitation (First Impression dub) Waldeck 6:09
Fallen Angel Waldeck DED120100117 5:01
Fallen Angel Waldeck 5:01
Fallen Angel Waldeck 4:27
Fallen Angel (Urbs mix) Waldeck 4:31
Floater Waldeck DED120100119 4:51
Floater (Dubble Standart mix) Waldeck 3:37
Floater (Dubblestandart mix) Waldeck 6:26
Floater (Dubblestandart mix) Waldeck 6:31
Get on Uppa Waldeck feat. La Heidi 3:43
Get Up ... Carmen [Extended Version] Waldeck 6:38
Get Up Carmen Waldeck 4:01
Get Up Carmen Waldeck 3:58
Get Up Carmen Waldeck 4:03
Get Up Carmen Waldeck ?:??
Get Up Carmen (extended version) Waldeck 6:38
Get Up... Carmen Waldeck 4:01
Get Up… Carmen (part of a “Buddha‐Bar VX” DJ‐mix) Waldeck 3:54
Get Up… Carmen (part of a “Buddha‐Bar: Best Of by Ravin” DJ‐mix) Waldeck 6:37
Get Up...Carmen Waldeck 3:56
Groove On Waldeck 3:52
I Talk to the Wind Waldeck DED120100120 5:02
I Talk To The Wind Waldeck 5:22
I Talk to the Wind (Kid Loco Meets Orpheus Uptown mix) Waldeck 5:32
I Talk to the Wind (Kid Loco's Orpheus Uptown mix) (part of “Bar Lounge Classics: Weekend Edition” DJ-mix) Waldeck 4:52
Illusione Waldeck feat. La Heidi 3:30
It Comes From You Waldeck DED120100121 5:56
Jerry Weintraub Waldeck 3:08
Jerry Weintraub Waldeck 3:05

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