members:Ian Berney
Glenn Sarangapany
original members:Ian Kenny (from 2004 to present: lead vocals)
Adam Spark (from 2004 to present: guitar, keyboard, background vocals)
Adam Weston (from 2004 to present: percussion, drums (drum set))
Miki Cee (from 2004 until 2008: guitar)
Anthony Jackson (Australian bassist, formerly with Birds of Tokyo) (from 2004 until 2011: bass guitar)
has personal label:Birds of Tokyo Pty. Ltd.
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art direction
Day OneBirds of Tokyo
Are You Sure You’re Alive?Birds of Tokyo3:47
Black SheetsBirds of Tokyo3:13
DesperateBirds of Tokyo3:07
EduardoBirds of Tokyo3:07
Get OutBirds of Tokyo4:32
Like RainBirds of Tokyo4:05
Minor WarBirds of Tokyo3:38
Off KilterBirds of Tokyo2:33
Rest Here My BrotherBirds of Tokyo3:58
VioletBirds of Tokyo4:03
WaysideBirds of Tokyo4:30