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1980-0942nd & BroadwaytrumpetGerry Mulligan5:13
1980-09Across the Track BluestrumpetGerry Mulligan3:13
1980-09AngelicatrumpetGerry Mulligan6:33
1980-09For an Unfinished WomantrumpetGerry Mulligan7:20
1980-09I'm Getting Sentimental Over YoutrumpetGerry Mulligan6:10
1980-09Song for StrayhorntrumpetGerry Mulligan6:14
1980-09Walk on the WatertrumpetGerry Mulligan4:32
1983-03-29AdventbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band7:35
1983-03-29Ain't Misbehavin'brassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band8:15
1983-03-29Air Mail SpecialbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band4:30
1983-03-29Flying HomebrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band5:45
1983-03-29HampbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band3:05
1983-03-29Hamp (reprise)brassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band2:30
1983-03-29Hamp's Boogie WoogiebrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band7:35
1983-03-29I Got RhythmbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band12:55
1983-03-29In the MoodbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band4:55
1983-03-29Midnight SunbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band6:05
1983-03-29Minor ThesisbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band9:50
1983-03-29SkylarkbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band6:30
1983-03-29Stardust MoonglowbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band11:25
1983-03-29Valve JobbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band5:55
1983-03-29When the SaintsbrassThe Lionel Hampton Big Band7:20
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19Blues Du JourbrassJohn Fedchock8:59
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19CaravanbrassJohn Fedchock11:47
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19FlintstonedbrassJohn Fedchock5:25
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19La ParguerabrassJohn Fedchock5:55
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19Limehouse BluesbrassJohn Fedchock7:53
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19Louie's Cheese PartybrassJohn Fedchock5:56
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19My Foolish HeartbrassJohn Fedchock4:33
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19NefertitibrassJohn Fedchock4:34
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19NightshadesbrassJohn Fedchock7:57
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19Ruby, My DearbrassJohn Fedchock4:30
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19The Grove City GrooverbrassJohn Fedchock7:23
1997-10-22 – 1997-10-23111-44brassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:53
1997-10-22 – 1997-10-23IsfahanbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:29
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23Big BruiserbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:24
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23Blue After TwobrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band10:08
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23Brazilian FantasybrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:29
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23Caribbean Fire DancebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:26
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23Come SundaybrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:03
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23EclipsebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band4:42
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23Eleven NightsbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:59
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23EpistrophybrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band8:26
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23No NonsensebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:35
2002-05-22 – 2002-05-23TricotismbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:02
2002-09-29After the RaintrumpetJoe Lovano Nonet7:39
2002-09-29At the VanguardtrumpetJoe Lovano Nonet9:33
2002-09-29FocustrumpetJoe Lovano Nonet8:12
2002-09-29Good BaittrumpetJoe Lovano Nonet14:14
2002-09-29LauratrumpetJoe Lovano Nonet5:26
2002-09-29My Little Brown BooktrumpetJoe Lovano Nonet9:08
2002-09-29On This Day (Just Like Any Other)trumpetJoe Lovano Nonet15:27
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14BuckeyestrumpetJoe Lovano9:31
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14Streams of Expression - Cool, Part 2trumpetJoe Lovano7:03
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14Streams of Expression - Enchantment, Part 3trumpetJoe Lovano3:42
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14Streams of Expression - Second Nature, Part 4trumpetJoe Lovano6:00
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14Streams of Expression - Streams, Part 1trumpetJoe Lovano10:54
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14Streams of Expression - The Fire Prophets, Part 5trumpetJoe Lovano6:55
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14The Birth of the Cool Suite - Boplicity, PostludetrumpetJoe Lovano5:28
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14The Birth of the Cool Suite - Interlude No.1, Move, Interlude No.2trumpetJoe Lovano8:06
2005-12-13 – 2005-12-14The Birth of the Cool Suite - Prelude, Moon DreamstrumpetJoe Lovano6:41
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Alfie's ThemebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:27
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Dedicated to YoubrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:03
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Elvin's EmpirebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band8:31
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Embraceable YoubrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:32
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01J BirdsbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:06
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Moment's NoticebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band9:00
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Mr. DudleybrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:39
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01The AriztocratbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band8:08
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Theme for ErniebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:49
2006-09-30 – 2006-10-01Up & RunningbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:46
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02For Heaven's SakebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:31
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Hair of the DogbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:39
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02HavanabrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:52
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Just Sayin'brassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:04
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Just Squeeze MebrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:40
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Like It IsbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band6:19
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Never Let Me GobrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band5:49
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Ojos de RojobrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band8:25
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02Ten Thirty 30brassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band8:13
2014-06-01 – 2014-06-02You and the Night and the MusicbrassJohn Fedchock New York Big Band7:18