Ron Jones (US television music composer)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Neutral Zone: Trouble Zone (M15) 1:01
The Neutral Zone: Waiting (M11) / Explorers (M12) / The Fridge (M13) / Frozen (M14) 2:38
The Neutral Zone: We Are Back (M51) 4:28
The Nth Degree: Aftermath (M21) / Mr. Fix-It (M22) / New Man (M23AltA) / Nice Try (M24AltA) / Y Ask Y (M25) / Most Advanced (M26) / What to Do (M31) 2:02
The Nth Degree: Cyrano de Bozo (M11) / Loneliness/Questions (M12AltA) 1:57
The Nth Degree: Cyrano de Bozo (M11AltA) / Loneliness / Questions (M12) 1:55
The Nth Degree: Do Your Duty (M51) / Bio-Cellular Disruption (M52) 3:08
The Nth Degree: Faith (M54) / Cheap Date (M55) 1:34
The Nth Degree: Neural-Scan Interface (M32) 3:25
The Nth Degree: New Man (M23) 0:32
The Nth Degree: Probe Threat (M15) 4:24
The Nth Degree: The Flash (M13) / Patterns Unknown (M14) 0:45
The Nth Degree: Unexpanded Brain (M41) / Stop It (M42) / Going In (M43) 4:09
The Nth Degree: What to Do (M31AltA) / Unexpanded Brain (M41AltA) 0:50
The Offspring: Another Day in Space (M11) / Data’s Child (M12AltA) / Report (M13) / Lab Meeting (M14) / The Big Decision (M15) / It’s a Girl (M16) 4:35
The Offspring: Before the Storm (M51) / Lal’s Death (M52) 5:07
The Offspring: Beloved (M31) 0:33
The Offspring: Beloved (M31AltA) / Contraction (M32) / Question of Ability (M33) / The Kiss (M34AltA) / Gesture of Affection (M35) 3:04
The Offspring: Choices (M15AltA) / Power Trip (M25) 0:27
The Offspring: Click Off (M23) / Misfit (M24) / Admiral’s Warning (M25AltA) 1:02
The Offspring: Data’s Child (M12) / Lab Meeting (M13AltA) 1:56
The Offspring: Learning to Sense (M21) / Learning Skills (M22) 2:50
The Offspring: Opinions (M41) / Interview (M42) / What it Means to Feel (M43) 1:53
The Offspring: Thanks for the Memory Chips (M53) 0:39
The Outrageous Okona: Ancient Codes (M41) / Easy to Leave (M42) 2:53
The Outrageous Okona: Comedy Spotlight (M54) / Something for Data (M55) 0:25
The Outrageous Okona: Discontinue Comic (M56) 2:12
The Outrageous Okona: Endless Night (M22(S)) 1:20
The Outrageous Okona: Erstwhile Encounter (M11) / Normal Routine (M12) 2:04
The Outrageous Okona: Link Up (M13) / Introductions (M14) 2:58
The Outrageous Okona: Questions (M15) 1:46
The Outrageous Okona: Shades (M31) / Get Okona (M32) / Dishonored (M33) 2:42
The Outrageous Okona: Staying (M51) / Yanar’s Choice (M52) / Resolved (M53) 2:16
The Outrageous Okona: Ten Forward (M21(S)) 1:56
The Outrageous Okona: Unidentified Vessel (M23) 1:24
The Price: End of Hole (M33) 1:24
The Price: Ethics (M45) / As the World Turns (M51) 0:30
The Price: Higher Stakes (M23) / Into the Hole (M31) 0:38
The Price: Late for Dinner (M22) 2:36
The Price: Orbit of Barzan (M14) / Seduction (M15AltA) / Readings (M21/M21AltA) 1:36
The Price: Seduction (M15) 0:59
The Price: Seeds of Doubt (M42) / A Problem (M45AltA) 0:36
The Price: Seeds of Doubt (M42AltA) / Manipulation (M43) / Time to Go (M44) 2:27
The Price: Stretching (M41(S)) 1:47
The Price: The Price (M52) 2:09
The Price: Troi and Ral (M32) 3:54
The Price: Troi’s Mood (M11) / Sensing (M12AltB) / Looks (M13) 2:04
The Royale: Dead Guy (M33) / Now We Understand (M34) 1:59
The Royale: Eye of the Storm (M13) / Royale Entrance (M14) 2:50
The Royale: Feeling Trapped (M31) / Finally Getting Smarts (M32) 1:23
The Royale: Hot Hands (M52) / Done Deal (M53) / Three to Beam Up (M54) / Last Theorem (M55) 2:41
The Royale: Mickey in D (M41AltA) 0:29
The Royale: Not Alive (M16) / No Exit (M21) 2:22
The Royale: Puzzle Piece (M12AltA) 0:36
The Royale: Rita Called (M41) 0:41
The Royale: The Shootout (M42) / Bizarre Incident (M43) / We’re Buying It (M44) / Sequential Consistency (M51) 1:49
The Royale: Theta Eight Log (M11) / Puzzle Piece (M12) 1:04
The Royale: Who’s Afraid of Mickey D (M15) 0:51
The Royale: Who’s Afraid of Mickey D (M15AltA) 0:43
Triple-Play: Prankster's Theme / Game Montage / No Baseball 3:48
Up the Long Ladder: Chicken (M21) / Quite Sure (M22) / Brenna (M23) 1:36
Up the Long Ladder: Clones (M33) 2:05
Up the Long Ladder: Feeling Sick (M11) / Emergency (M12) / Signal Search (M13) 1:30
Up the Long Ladder: Foot Sex (M31) 2:03
Up the Long Ladder: I Got a Red Nose From the Wearin’ o’ the Green (M31A/M31B) / Drop of the Creature (M32) 2:18
Up the Long Ladder: I Got a Red Nose From the Wearin’ o’ the Green (M31C) 0:50
Up the Long Ladder: Klingon Tea Ceremony (M14) 0:34
Up the Long Ladder: Klingon Tea Ceremony (M14A) 2:05
Up the Long Ladder: Riker and Brenna (M24) / The Other Colony (M25) 1:30
Up the Long Ladder: Situation (M15) / Bringloidi Refugees (M16) 0:46
Up the Long Ladder: Terminal Fading (M51) / Shotgun Wedding (M52) / Hand Shake (M53) / Bringloidi, Bringloidi, Send Cloney on Over (M54) 2:25
Up the Long Ladder: The Cloning Lab (M43) 2:18
Up the Long Ladder: The Meeting (M41) / Taking Tissue Samples (M42) 1:40
Up the Long Ladder: Three Husbands (M54A) 0:52
We'll Always Have Paris: Towards Pegos Minor (M14) / Mixed Feelings (M15) / We'll Always Have Paris (M16) 5:21
We’ll Always Have Paris: Countdown (M51) 1:59
We’ll Always Have Paris: Crusher’s Wish (M41) / Take Care of Her (M42) 1:45
We’ll Always Have Paris: Fear of Staying (M32) 1:53
We’ll Always Have Paris: Fencing (M10) / Time Distortion (M11) / What Was That? (M12) / Manheim Message (M13) 2:24
We’ll Always Have Paris: Lab Visit (M43) 1:51
We’ll Always Have Paris: New Coordinates (M17) / Rescued from Vandor (M18) 2:08
We’ll Always Have Paris: Out of the Tunnel (M52) 1:53
We’ll Always Have Paris: Seeing Her Again (M19) / We Are Us, They Are Us (M21) / Transport Trouble (M22) 2:11
We’ll Always Have Paris: Touching Another Dimension (M31) 1:58
We’ll Always Have Paris: We’ll Always Have Paris (M53) / You’re Buying (M54) 2:22
When the Bough Breaks: Act of Barbarity (M21) / Hand Shake (M22) / Regrets (M23) 2:05
When the Bough Breaks: Aldean Log (M12) / Radue and Rashella (M13) 0:46
When the Bough Breaks: Attack of the Killer Fur Ball (M54) 1:02
When the Bough Breaks: Captain and Kids (M52) / Doomed by Technology (M53) 4:05
When the Bough Breaks: Custodian (M31) / Power Source (M32) / Tricorder Fun (M33) / Demonstration of Power (M34) 3:03
When the Bough Breaks: Diagnosis (M50) / Through the Hole (M51) 1:35
When the Bough Breaks: Escape from Calculus (M10) / Myth Becomes Reality (M11) 2:24
When the Bough Breaks: Interesting Choices (M14) 1:11
When the Bough Breaks: Log of Three Days (M43) / The Dolphin (M44) 1:51
When the Bough Breaks: Music Lesson (M41) / Mind Music (M42) 1:32
When the Bough Breaks: New Parents (M24) / Keep them Talking (M25) 2:41
When the Bough Breaks: Oops (FX) (M16A/M41A) 0:13
When the Bough Breaks: Passive Resistance (M45) 2:24
When the Bough Breaks: Scanning the Children (M15) 0:54
When the Bough Breaks: The Trade (M16) 2:03

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