Ron Jones (US television music composer)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Starfleet Command: Romulan Menu Screen 2:06
Starfleet Command: Romulan Mission Failure 1:05
Starfleet Command: Romulan Mission Start 0:25
Starfleet Command: Romulan Mission Success 1:08
Starfleet Suite ?:??
Suite From Heart of Glory: A Klingon's Feelings / Let's Make a Phaser / Heart of Glory DEA319603230 6:30
Suite From Heart of Glory: Moment of Decision / Battle Signs / Geordi Vision / Looking for Life Signs / Imminent Destruction DEA319603229 8:29
Surrounded 2:22
Tasha's Farewell (Star Trek: The Next Generation) 9:16
The Battle: Caught Up (M23) / Stargazer (M24) USCGH1176907 1:15
The Battle: Confession (M31) / Try to Relax (M32) / Past Relived (M33) USCGH1176909 3:06
The Battle: Destroy the Sphere (M53) USCGH1176912 1:35
The Battle: Hello Old Friend (M25) / Old Quarters (M26) / Bad Dream (M27) / No Provocation (M28) USCGH1176908 3:05
The Battle: Med Scan (M13) / Ferengi Beam-Over (M14) / Hero of Maxia (M15) / The Gift (M16) USCGH1176905 2:45
The Battle: No Response (M51) / The Battle (M52) USCGH1176911 1:46
The Battle: Stand By (M11) / Bok’s Deception (M12) USCGH1176904 2:39
The Battle: Supplemental (M21) / Memories (M22) USCGH1176906 1:05
The Battle: Waves (M41) / Collecting an Old Debt (M42) USCGH1176910 3:20
The Best of Both Worlds — Borg Take Picard 3:08
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I: Contemplations (M41AltA) USCGH1179250 0:54
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I: Early Worm (M14) USCGH1179248 1:11
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I: Preparations (M21) USCGH1179249 0:26
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II: Currents (M31) USCGH1179252 0:59
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II: Repairs Complete (M21) USCGH1179251 0:23
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II: Sitting Ducks (M41) / Borg Reach Saturn (M42AltA) USCGH1179253 1:08
The Defector: Cooperation (M41) USCGH1154667 1:03
The Defector: Interrogation (M31) / Ionizations (M32) USCGH1154665 1:31
The Defector: Rescue (M12) USCGH1154663 3:01
The Defector: Scout Ship (M11) USCGH1154662 1:03
The Defector: Scout Ship Explodes (M13) / Warning (M14) / Suicide Pill (M21AltA) / Possibility (M22) / Black Matter (M23) USCGH1154664 1:37
The Defector: Suicide (M54) USCGH1154670 1:19
The Defector: Suicide Pill (M21) / Interrogation (M31AltA) / Valley of Chula (M41AltA) 2:35
The Defector: The Stand-Off (M53) USCGH1154669 4:44
The Defector: Treaty Violation (M51) / Betrayed (M52) USCGH1154668 1:52
The Defector: Valley of Chula (M33) USCGH1154666 1:15
The Drumhead: How it Starts (M42) 0:36
The Drumhead: Implications (M52) / Drumhead (M53) USCGH1179246 3:51
The Drumhead: Observations (M54) / The Price (M55) USCGH1179247 0:50
The Drumhead: Satie’s Arrival (M13) / Tough Job (M14) / Admission of Guilt (M15) USCGH1179242 2:58
The Drumhead: Seeing (M41) / How it Starts (M42AltA) / Mistake (M43) / Ethics (M44) / Ordered to Report (M45) / Picard on Trial (M51) USCGH1179245 2:23
The Drumhead: Seen Before (M21) / The Hunt (M22) / He’s Lying (M23) / No Action (M31) / Guilt & Innocence (M32) USCGH1179243 1:28
The Drumhead: Suspicion (M11) / J’Dan (M12) USCGH1179241 1:59
The Drumhead: The Hearing (M33) / Incrimination (M34) USCGH1179244 1:10
The Emissary: Boradis Destination (M12) / Probe (M13AltA) USCGH1179342 2:59
The Emissary: Broken Glass (M31) / The Glove (M32) USCGH1179345 1:00
The Emissary: Cloaked Enemy (M43) USCGH1179348 1:06
The Emissary: Emissary (M14) / Uncomfortable Meeting (M15) USCGH1179343 1:07
The Emissary: Enigmatic Message (M11) USCGH1179341 0:51
The Emissary: Exercise Program (M33) USCGH1179346 3:56
The Emissary: Meaning (M52) USCGH1179350 2:59
The Emissary: Probe (M13) 2:51
The Emissary: The Oath of Bonding (M42) 1:55
The Emissary: The Option (M51) USCGH1179349 5:12
The Emissary: Unfinished Business (M21) 0:57
The Emissary: Unfinished Business (M21AltA) / The Argument (M22) USCGH1179344 2:09
The Emissary: Wild FX 0:19
The Emissary: Wipe That Klingon Smile Off Your Face (M41) / The Oath of Bonding (M42AltA) USCGH1179347 2:00
The High Ground: Aftermath (M41) / Message (M42) USCGH1154675 1:53
The High Ground: Cave (M51) / The Pad (M52) USCGH1154676 2:15
The High Ground: Imperfect Solution (M53) USCGH1154677 2:17
The High Ground: Imperfect Solution (M53/M53AltEnd) 2:15
The High Ground: Infirmary (M21) / Martyr (M22) / Willing to Die (M23) / Killing Plans (M31) USCGH1154673 2:23
The High Ground: No Trace (M13) / A Hostage (M14) / Hostage Policy (M15) / No Reason to Kill (M16) USCGH1154672 1:24
The High Ground: Planet of Discontent (M11) / Abduction (M12) USCGH1154671 0:47
The High Ground: Planet of Discontent (M11AltA) / Aftermath (M41AltA) 0:47
The High Ground: Take Us Out (M54) USCGH1154678 1:05
The High Ground: Terrorist Attack (M32) USCGH1154674 3:17
The Icarus Factor: Anbo-Jyutsu (M54) 2:54
The Icarus Factor: Anbo-Jyutsu (M54AltA) USCGH1179315 2:54
The Icarus Factor: Ascension Chamber (M52) USCGH1179313 1:29
The Icarus Factor: Captain’s Log (M11) / Congratulations (M12) / Sync Orbit (M13) USCGH1179308 0:54
The Icarus Factor: Cool Reception (M14) 1:00
The Icarus Factor: Cool Reception (M14AltA) / Walls (M15) / Family Photos (M21) USCGH1179309 1:39
The Icarus Factor: Emotional Baggage (M32) USCGH1179311 1:15
The Icarus Factor: Resolution (M55) / Riker Stays (M56) USCGH1179316 1:42
The Icarus Factor: Rite of Ascension (M53) 2:50
The Icarus Factor: Rite of Ascension (M53AltA) USCGH1179314 2:52
The Icarus Factor: The Right Thing (M22) / Hand Out (M23) / P.C.S. (Pulaski’s Chicken Soup) (M31) USCGH1179310 0:39
The Icarus Factor: What Makes Us Human (M41) / You’re On (M41A) / Scuttlebutt (M51) USCGH1179312 0:52
The Link 2:58
The Link 2:59
The Naked Now: Captain’s Log (M21) / Hot Head (M22) / Geordi Leaves (M23) USCGH1154633 1:53
The Naked Now: Change of Style (M31) / Suck Face (M32) / Collapsing Star (M33) / Wesley’s Takeover (M34) USCGH1154635 1:46
The Naked Now: Ending (M66) USCGH1154641 0:52
The Naked Now: Exploding Star (M54) USCGH1154639 2:15
The Naked Now: Infection in Control (M51) / Running Out of Time (M52) / Horny Doctor (M53) USCGH1154638 2:39
The Naked Now: Longing for Sight (M24) USCGH1154634 1:54
The Naked Now: MFX 11 (alternate take) 0:23
The Naked Now: Needing Love (M42) 2:04
The Naked Now: No Control (M41) / Needing Love (M42AltA) USCGH1154636 2:28
The Naked Now: Our Only Hope (M61) / Placing the Chips(M62) / One More Minute (M63) / Hypos (M64) / Repulsor Beam (M65) USCGH1154640 4:25
The Naked Now: Rendezvous with Tsiolkovsky (M11) / Impossible Happens (M12) / MFX 11 / The Frozen (M13) USCGH1154632 3:31
The Naked Now: Troi’s Feelings (M43) / We’ll be Dead (M44) USCGH1154637 1:12
The Neutral Zone: Clare’s Hope (M31) / No Party Romulans (M32) USCGH1154765 0:59
The Neutral Zone: Low-Mileage Pit Woofies (M22AltA) / Stupid Guitar (M42) 0:22
The Neutral Zone: Mission Forward (M52) USCGH1154769 0:35
The Neutral Zone: No Outposts (M41) USCGH1154766 1:04
The Neutral Zone: Romulan Encounter (M43) USCGH1154767 3:18
The Neutral Zone: Sonny & Data (M21) / Low-Mileage Pit Woofies (M22) USCGH1154764 1:40
The Neutral Zone: Transition I (M17) / Thawed to Life (M18) / Welcome to the 24th Century (M19) USCGH1154763 1:32

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