Ron Jones (US television music composer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Heart of Glory: A Klingon’s Feelings (M32) Ron Jones 2:54
Heart of Glory: Alpine Horn (wild takes) Ron Jones 0:31
Heart of Glory: Battle Signs (M11) / Possible Trap (M12) Ron Jones 2:24
Heart of Glory: Hostage (M41) / Not That Easy (M42) / Let’s Make a Phaser (M44) Ron Jones 3:02
Heart of Glory: Keep You Posted (M23) / Damn (M24) / Klingon Death Ritual (M25) / Warp Me Babe (M31) Ron Jones 2:28
Heart of Glory: Klingon Sting (M21) / Imminent Destruction (M22) Ron Jones 1:53
Heart of Glory: Looking for Life Signs (M16) Ron Jones 2:32
Heart of Glory: Making Demands (M45) Ron Jones 1:18
Heart of Glory: Moment of Decision (M33) Ron Jones 2:21
Heart of Glory: Questions (M13) / Geordi-Vision (M14) Ron Jones 1:18
Heart of Glory: The Corridor (M15) Ron Jones 1:56
Heart of Glory: What’s the Sit (M51) / Heart of Glory (M52) Ron Jones 2:27
Heart of Glory: Wouldn’t Be the Same (M53) Ron Jones 1:09
Humanity Taken Ron Jones 0:57
Intervention Ron Jones 4:24
Intervention Ron Jones 4:28
Let’s Go to the Hop Ron Jones 2:29
Lethal Weapons Ron Jones 1:42
Library Music: Aliens Take Over the World (alternate #1: Orchestra Only) Ron Jones 2:06
Library Music: Aliens Take Over the World (alternate #2: Strings / Synth Only) Ron Jones 1:26
Library Music: End Title Ron Jones 0:27
Library Music: Library Suite #1 Ron Jones 4:53
Library Music: Library Suite #2 Ron Jones 3:21
Library Music: Library Suite #3 Ron Jones 2:41
Library Music: Library Suite #4 Ron Jones 2:02
Library Music: Library Suite #5 Ron Jones 1:52
Library Music: Library Suite #6 Ron Jones 1:32
Library Music: Library Suite #7 Ron Jones 0:36
Lonely Among Us: Investigation (M31) / Feelings of Duality (M32) / Everything’s Fine (M33) Ron Jones 2:14
Lonely Among Us: Malfunction (M15) / Conference (M21) / Antican Deception (M22) / Systems Down (M23) / Mr. Singh’s Death (M24) Ron Jones 2:37
Lonely Among Us: Not Herself (M14) Ron Jones 2:27
Lonely Among Us: Officer’s Meeting (M43) / Alien Influence (M44) / Home Soon (M45) Ron Jones 2:36
Lonely Among Us: P for Picard (M54) Ron Jones 2:12
Lonely Among Us: Picard is Back (M55) / Leave It to Riker (M56) Ron Jones 1:03
Lonely Among Us: Reverse Direction (M41) / Questions (M42) Ron Jones 1:57
Lonely Among Us: Riker’s Log (M51) / Entity and I (M52) / Transporting to Energy (M53) Ron Jones 4:28
Lonely Among Us: Taking Aboard Delegates (M11) / First Contact (M12) / What Happened (M13A) / Second Contact (M13B) Ron Jones 3:02
Loud as a Whisper: Diverted to Ramatis (M11) / Bothered (M12) / Ramatis Vibes #1 (M13) / I Hate Play-Ons (M14) Ron Jones 1:54
Loud as a Whisper: Meet Riva (M21) / Emotional Revelation (M22) Ron Jones 2:00
Loud as a Whisper: Normal Eyes (M43) / Disadvantage to Advantage (M44) Ron Jones 1:51
Loud as a Whisper: Not Alone (M33) / Monitoring Solais (M41) / Riva’s Self-Pity (M42) Ron Jones 2:20
Loud as a Whisper: Peacemaker’s Peace (M52) / Well Done (M53) Ron Jones 1:20
Loud as a Whisper: Ramatis Vibes #2 (M15) Ron Jones 5:11
Loud as a Whisper: Return to Solais (M51) Ron Jones 1:10
Loud as a Whisper: Solais Five (M31) / Tragic Meeting (M32) Ron Jones 2:32
Loud as a Whisper: Time to Go (M24) / Cease Hostilities (M25) / An End to Killing (M26) Ron Jones 1:17
Loud as a Whisper: True Meaning (M23) Ron Jones 2:19
Main Title John Williams & Ron Jones 1:07
Ménage à Troi: Agreement (M53) / Convincing (M54) Ron Jones 2:43
Ménage à Troi: Betazed Garden (M13) / Abduction (M15) Ron Jones 1:39
Ménage à Troi: Fulfilled (M33) / Farek’s Deal (M34) Ron Jones 1:33
Ménage à Troi: Gamma Nebula (M31) Ron Jones 0:52
Ménage à Troi: No Clue (M41) / Flowers (M42) / The Adjustment (M43) Ron Jones 2:01
Ménage à Troi: Oo-mox (M32) Ron Jones 2:19
Ménage à Troi: Real Ensign (M55) Ron Jones 1:26
Ménage à Troi: Reception (M11) / Tog’s Proposition (M12) Ron Jones 1:36
Ménage à Troi: Reception (M11AltA) / Tog’s Proposition (M12AltC) Ron Jones 0:50
Ménage à Troi: Signal (M52) Ron Jones 0:48
Ménage à Troi: The Kiss (M24AltA/M24AltB) Ron Jones 0:34
Ménage à Troi: The Message (M44) / Wes is Back (M51) / Signal (M52AltA) Ron Jones 1:52
Ménage à Troi: Tog’s Proposition (M12AltD) Ron Jones 1:01
Ménage à Troi: Wake Up (M21) / No Clothes (M22) / Play Along With Tog (M23AltA) / The Kiss (M24) Ron Jones 2:10
Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington Ron Jones 1:25
Mr. Saturday Knight Ron Jones 1:57
Music Inspired By Star Trek - Meaning Ron Jones 2:29
Music Inspired By Star Trek - Pathway to the Stars Ron Jones 3:22
Music Inspired By Star Trek - The Ascent Ron Jones 7:46
New Providence Ron Jones 1:22
New Providence Ron Jones 1:25
Night Terrors: Adrift (M31) / Night Terrors (M32) Ron Jones 2:49
Night Terrors: Body Bag (M12) / Try to Understand (M13) / Eyes in the Dark (M14 tk 4) Ron Jones 1:40
Night Terrors: Circles (M53) Ron Jones 3:11
Night Terrors: Data’s Log (M51) / Realization (M52AltA) Ron Jones 1:11
Night Terrors: Data’s Log (M51AltA) / Realization (M52) Ron Jones 1:09
Night Terrors: Eyes in the Dark (M14 tk 6) Ron Jones 1:24
Night Terrors: Feeling Fear (M42) Ron Jones 2:51
Night Terrors: Hearing Things (M22 tk 5) Ron Jones 1:03
Night Terrors: Mystery of Brittain (M21) / Hearing Things (M22AltB) / Jealous (M23) / No Response (M24) Ron Jones 2:21
Night Terrors: One Moon (M41AltA) Ron Jones 0:36
Night Terrors: Pleasant Dreams (M54) Ron Jones 0:34
Night Terrors: The Morgue (M33AltA) / Going Insane (M34) / One Moon (M41A+M42) Ron Jones 1:57
Night Terrors: Vessel of Death (M11) Ron Jones 2:42
Night Terrors: Wild Choir Ron Jones 2:03
No Way Out Ron Jones 2:22
Nodes Ron Jones 2:54
Not Ready / Job Grabber / Early Worm / No Doubt Ron Jones 2:10
On the Borg Ship Ron Jones 1:28
On the Edge Ron Jones 2:49
On to Victory Ron Jones 2:22
Opening (Star Fleet Academy) Ron Jones 4:02
Orchestra Suite #1 Ron Jones ?:??
Picard’s Nightmare Ron Jones 1:03
Picard’s Nightmare Ron Jones 1:08
Plug In Ron Jones 2:02
Preparations / What Do You Want? / Fatigue / Hansen’s Message Ron Jones 2:12
Q Who: Attacked (M32) / Stay (M33) Ron Jones 2:38
Q Who: Away Team (M41) / Stasis (M42) Ron Jones 3:32
Q Who: Courtesy (M11) / Q Who? (M12) Ron Jones 1:03
Q Who: First Borg (M31AltA) Ron Jones 0:28
Q Who: Old Enemies (M21) Ron Jones 1:09

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