Ron Jones (US television music composer)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Data’s Day: Observation (M41) / Deduction (M42) / False Remains (M43) USCGH1152080 2:44
Data’s Day: T’Pel Arrives (M14) / Course Correction (M15AltA) USCGH1152077 1:29
Data’s Day: Transporter Emergency (M34) USCGH1152079 2:53
Data’s Day: Understanding (M53) / Becoming (M55) USCGH1152082 1:21
Data’s Day: Voice Mail (M11) / Letter Continues (M12) / Keiko Cancels (M13) USCGH1152076 1:53
Datalore: Crystal Attacks (M54) USCGH1176921 1:41
Datalore: Data’s Brother (M17) USCGH1176915 1:15
Datalore: Data’s Hope (M21) / Android Operation (M22) / Lore (M23) / Trick Question (M31) / Suspicion (M32) USCGH1176916 2:56
Datalore: Deception (M43) / Crystal Entity (M44) USCGH1176919 2:44
Datalore: Image (M41) / Bad Champagne (M42) USCGH1176918 2:39
Datalore: Knock Out (M55) / Droid Battle (M56) / All is Well (M57) USCGH1176922 3:52
Datalore: No Answer (M51) / Wesley’s Opposition (M52) / Head Kick (M53) USCGH1176920 1:45
Datalore: Omicron Arrival (M14) / Data’s Beginning (M15) / The Lab (M16) USCGH1176914 3:38
Datalore: Omicron Destination (M11) / Home Sweet Home (M12) / Welcome Home (M13) USCGH1176913 1:23
Datalore: Perfect Android (M33) USCGH1176917 3:12
Death Is a Bitch 1:42
Death Is Irrelevant 1:36
Destroy the Defendroids: Droid Wars / Warning 3:25
Destroy the Defendroids: Drone / Blown Drone 2:12
Destroy the Defendroids: Main Title Alternate (Jones) 1:08
Destroy the Defendroids: Saved From Lava / Plans 2:18
Destroy the Defendroids: Supe Quits / Fake Quake 2:20
Destroy the Defendroids: Super Defendroid / Operation Nugget 2:40
Destroy the Defendroids: Superman's Family Album: The Adoption 4:23
Destroy the Defendroids: Talk With Lex 2:29
Destroy the Defendroids: Trouble in the Park / Fire Rescues 3:23
Destruct Mode / Picard Is Back 1:37
Devil’s Due: Bag of Tricks (M51A) USCGH1152089 2:07
Devil’s Due: Call for Help (M12) 0:12
Devil’s Due: Can’t Locate (M41) / Dangerous Game (M42) / Devil’s Proof (M43) USCGH1152088 2:36
Devil’s Due: Contract (M24) 2:34
Devil’s Due: Contract (M24AltA) USCGH1152086 2:34
Devil’s Due: Contract Dissolved (M52) USCGH1152090 1:24
Devil’s Due: Disappointed (M21) / Fek’Ihr (M22) / Discussion (M23) USCGH1152085 0:54
Devil’s Due: Expose (M31) / Seduction (M32) / Disappearance (M33) USCGH1152087 2:59
Devil’s Due: Marley and Scrooge (M11) / Call for Help (M12AltA) USCGH1152083 0:23
Devil’s Due: Rescue Clark (M13) / Ventax II (M14) / Time’s Up (M15) USCGH1152084 1:37
Devil’s Due: Tricks (M51) 0:17
Discovery 1:59
Duck Tales Suite ?:??
Emission Impossible 3:39
Energy Weapon Fails 3:16
Energy Weapon Fails 3:18
Evasive Manoeuvres 2:22
Evolution: Bad Air (M32) USCGH1179367 1:07
Evolution: Computer Daydreams (M15) USCGH1179365 1:48
Evolution: Double Star (M11) USCGH1179363 1:30
Evolution: Matter of Survival (M41) / Stubbs Gets It (M42) / Contact (M43) USCGH1179368 2:32
Evolution: Nanite Negotiations (M51) USCGH1179369 3:05
Evolution: System Failure (M12) / 30 Seconds to Impact (M13) / Food Slot (M14) USCGH1179364 2:58
Evolution: The Blast (M52) / Motherly Paranoia (M53) USCGH1179370 1:36
Evolution: Traps (M21) / Good Grade (M22) / Tampered Core (M31) USCGH1179366 1:31
Exploring the Unknown 1:57
Fairly Oddparents Theme ?:??
Family Guy Suite ?:??
Final Mission: Desert Trek (M18) / Can’t Go Back (M19) USCGH1152066 2:07
Final Mission: Final Mission, Part I (M52PtI) USCGH1152073 2:39
Final Mission: Final Mission, Part II (M52PtII) USCGH1152074 1:20
Final Mission: Lethal Exposure (M41) USCGH1152070 1:30
Final Mission: New Course (M51) USCGH1152072 1:10
Final Mission: No Water (M16) / Situation (M17) USCGH1152065 1:05
Final Mission: Shuttle Trouble (M14) / Shuttle Crash (M15) USCGH1152064 2:13
Final Mission: Summons (M11) / Good News (M12) / Plans (M13) USCGH1152063 1:23
Final Mission: Summons (M11AltA) 0:35
Final Mission: The Cave (M21) / Dresci Discovery (M22) / Many Reasons (M23) USCGH1152067 2:03
Final Mission: The Fountain (M24) 2:25
Final Mission: The Fountain (M24/PickUp M24) USCGH1152068 2:23
Final Mission: The Promise (M42) USCGH1152071 1:36
Final Mission: Towing (M31) / Silent Scream (M32) USCGH1152069 3:01
Final Mission: You Will Be Missed (M53) USCGH1152075 0:40
First Attack 5:04
First Attack - Looks / Tell It Like It Is 5:31
First Contact: Acceptance (M54) / Mirasta Stays (M55) USCGH1179223 1:08
First Contact: Acceptance (M54AltA) 0:49
First Contact: Another Path (M53) USCGH1179222 2:02
First Contact: Appearance (M15) / Mirasta Agrees (M16AltA) 0:52
First Contact: Appearance (M15AltA) / Mirasta Agrees (M16) USCGH1179216 1:18
First Contact: Beyond Dreams (M21) 0:57
First Contact: Beyond Dreams (M21AltA) USCGH1179217 0:55
First Contact: Crisis Room (M12) / Device (M13) / Keep Quiet (M14) USCGH1179215 1:17
First Contact: Decisions (M41) / Full Paranoia (M42) / Replaced (M43) / Review (M44) USCGH1179220 2:03
First Contact: Drugged (M51AltA) / Must Tell (M52) USCGH1179221 0:48
First Contact: Failed Escape (M32) 1:55
First Contact: Failed Escape (M32AltA) USCGH1179219 1:53
First Contact: Paranoia (M22) / Rumors (M23) / Visitor (M24) / Amazement (M31) USCGH1179218 1:25
First Contact: What are You? (M11) 1:26
First Contact: What Are You? (M11AltA) USCGH1179214 1:26
Fugitive From Space: Alien Discovery 2:01
Fugitive From Space: Aliens Take Over the World 2:07
Fugitive From Space: Daily Planet Mystery Play-On / Jimmy and Chief 1:14
Fugitive From Space: Kyroni Encounter 2:22
Fugitive From Space: Something's Up #2 / Bad Guy Dialogue #1 1:28
Fugitive From Space: Superman Theme 1:02
Fugitive From Space: Superman's Family Album: The Supermarket 3:54
Fugitive From Space: The Planting / Ship's Log 2:16
Fugitive From Space: The Suit 1:36
Fugitive From Space: Trouble in Metropolis 0:50
Grooves 4 Gamesters ?:??
Hansen’s Message 1:27
Heart of Glory: A Klingon’s Feelings (M32) USCGH1179274 2:54

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