Jeff Paulick

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member of:Lazarus A.D. (US Thrash/Groove Metal band)
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American Dreamselectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.4:53
Beneath the Waves of Hatredelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.5:04
Black Rivers Flowelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.4:52
Casting Forwardelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.3:56
China Groveelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.3:23
Eternal Vengeanceelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.7:03
Light a City (Up in Smoke)electric bass guitarLazarus A.D.3:49
The Strong Prevailelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.3:04
The Ultimate Sacrificeelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.4:53
Through Your Eyeselectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.4:09
The Onslaughtelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.
The Onslaughtelectric bass guitarLazarus A.D.
Absolute Power
American Dreams
Beneath the Waves of Hatred
Black Rivers Flow
Casting Forward
China Grove
Damnation for the Weak
Eternal Vengeance
Every Word Unheard
Forged in Blood
Light a City (Up in Smoke)
The Strong Prevail
The Ultimate Sacrifice
Thou Shall Not Fear
Through Your Eyes
American Dreamslead vocalsLazarus A.D.4:53
Beneath the Waves of Hatredlead vocalsLazarus A.D.5:04
Black Rivers Flowlead vocalsLazarus A.D.4:52
Casting Forwardlead vocalsLazarus A.D.3:56
China Grovelead vocalsLazarus A.D.3:23
Eternal Vengeancelead vocalsLazarus A.D.7:03
Light a City (Up in Smoke)lead vocalsLazarus A.D.3:49
The Strong Prevaillead vocalsLazarus A.D.3:04
The Ultimate Sacrificelead vocalsLazarus A.D.4:53
Through Your Eyeslead vocalsLazarus A.D.4:09
The Onslaughtlead vocalsLazarus A.D.
The Onslaughtlead vocalsLazarus A.D.