Genesis (English rock band)

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1969From Genesis to RevelationGenesis2.6531
1971Nursery CrymeGenesis4.2525
1973Selling England by the PoundGenesis4.5528
1974The Lamb Lies Down on BroadwayGenesis4.5529
1976A Trick of the TailGenesis4.128
1976Wind & WutheringGenesis4.118
1978…And Then There Were Three…Genesis3.321
1986Invisible TouchGenesis3.620
1991We Can’t DanceGenesis313
1997…Calling All Stations…Genesis2.512

Album + Compilation

197370’s Pop SoundGenesis1
1975Rock TheatreGenesis2
1990The Vertigo YearsGenesis1
1990Trespass / Nursery Cryme / FoxtrotGenesis1
1991Selling England by the Pound / The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway I & IIGenesis1
1991Turn It On Again: Best of ’81–’83Genesis2
1998Archive 1967–75Genesis32
1999Turn It On Again: The HitsGenesis3.512
2000Archive #2 1976–1992Genesis3
2002It’s Only Knock and KnowallGenesis and Solo1
2004The Video ShowGenesis1
2004Platinum CollectionGenesis4.454
2006Archive #1 (1967–1975)Genesis1
2006Archive #2 (1976–1992)Genesis1
200714 From Our PastGenesis41
2008The Early Days of GenesisGenesis1
2014The Ultimate Best of GenesisGenesis1
201750 Years AgoGenesis1
2020The Lost Radio Recordings: BBC Sessions 1970–1972Genesis1

Album + Compilation + Live

2009Live 1973–2007Genesis51

Album + Live

1977Seconds OutGenesis4.6515
1982Three Sides LiveGenesis412
1988Invisible Touch TourGenesis21
1992The Way We Walk, Volume 1: The ShortsGenesis47
1992In Concert 1976Genesis1
1993The Way We Walk, Volume 2: The LongsGenesis6
2007Paris, FR 30·06·07Genesis1
2007Lyon, FR 12·07·07Genesis1
2007Lyon, FR 12•07•07Genesis1
2007Montreal, QC 09·14·07Genesis1
2007Live Over Europe 2007Genesis3
2007Albany, NY 09•12•07Genesis1
2007Amsterdam, NL 01•07•07Genesis1
2007Berlin, DE 03•07•07Genesis1
2007Berne, CH 17•06•07Genesis1
2007Boston, MA 09•11•07Genesis1
2007Brussels, BE 24•06•07Genesis1
2007Buffalo, NY 09•08•07Genesis1
2007Chicago, IL 10•02•07Genesis1
2007Chicago, IL 10•03•07Genesis1
2007Chicago, IL 10•04•07Genesis1
2007Cleveland, OH 09•29•07Genesis1
2007Columbus, OH 09•22•07Genesis1
2007Denver, CO 10•06•07Genesis1
2007Detroit, MI 09•30•07Genesis1
2007Düsseldorf, DE 26•06•07Genesis1
2007Düsseldorf, DE 27•06•07Genesis1
2007East Rutherford, NJ 09•27•07Genesis1
2007Frankfurt, DE 05•07•07Genesis1
2007Hamburg, DE 15•06•07Genesis1
2007Hannover, DE 23•06•07Genesis1
2007Hartford, CT 09•16•07Genesis1
2007Helsinki, FI 11•06•07Genesis1
2007Herning, DK 14•06•07Genesis1
2007Hollywood, CA 10•12•07Genesis1
2007Hollywood, CA 10•13•07Genesis1
2007Katowice, PL 21•06•07Genesis1
2007Leipzig, DE 04•07•07Genesis1
2007Linz, AT 19•06•07Genesis1
2007London, UK 08•07•07Genesis1
2007Manchester, UK 07•07•07Genesis1
2007Montreal, QC 09•14•07Genesis1
2007Munich, DE 10•07•07Genesis1
2007New York, NY 09•25•07Genesis1
2007Ottawa, ON 09•15•07Genesis1
2007Paris, FR 30•06•07Genesis1
2007Philadelphia, PA 09•18•07Genesis1
2007Philadelphia, PA 09•19•07Genesis1
2007Philadelphia, PA 09•20•07Genesis1
2007Pittsburgh, PA 09•09•07Genesis1
2007Prague, CZ 20•06•07Genesis1
2007Rome, IT 14•07•07Genesis1
2007Sacramento, CA 10•10•07Genesis1
2007San Jose, CA 10•09•07Genesis1
2007Stuttgart, DE 28•06•07Genesis1
2007Toronto, ON 09•07•07Genesis1
2007Washington, D.C. 09•23•07Genesis1
2008When in Rome 2007Genesis1
2014Three Sides Live (video)Genesis1

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