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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All Rap Is Voice 4:17
BB Girl (part of “Theme and Variation” DJ-mix) Moonstar feat. Voice 2:50
Contemporary Job Voice 5:14
Dance With Me Voice 3:15
Dance With Me Voice 3:29
Dance With Me (part of DJ-Mix “Extravadance, Vol. 3”) Voice 4:04
Dance With Me (Eurohouse mix) Voice 4:24
Destiny (feat. Trina Bass) Voice 4:12
Devilish Temptation Voice 3:36
Devilish Temptation (advance demo) Voice 3:35
Divide and Conquer (feat. Ryan VanOrsdel) Voice 4:22
Failure (feat. Trina Bass) Voice 4:14
Golden Signs Voice 5:36
Intro (feat. Josh Harris) Voice 2:26
Keep Doin' U Craig & Voice 2:47
Laugh Out Loud Voice 3:56
Marget Phelps Motown Fanclub Talk Voice 4:00
Maybe (feat. Trina Bass) Voice 4:41
Non-Conformists Voice 4:15
Offended (feat. Young Youngin) Voice 4:11
Scandal Voice 3:46
Soldier (feat. Janice Mays) Voice 4:45
The Straight Curve Voice 4:17
This Train Wax Tailor feat. Voice & Ali Harter 3:54
Thorns in My Flesh (feat. Grace Apolenis) Voice 3:55
Twilight Dreams Voice 4:03
Unstoppable Voice 3:40
Untitled Voice 0:17
Why Should I Care (feat. Grace Apolenis) Voice 4:45

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