Jim Eliot

~ Person


member of:Urban DK
performs as:Billy the Kid (UK techno producer Jim Eliot)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/20051 [info]


2015Love RevolutionmembranophoneWill Young2:59
2015Love RevolutionguitarWill Young2:59
2015Love RevolutionkeyboardWill Young2:59
Anything Could HappenpercussionEllie Goulding4:46
Anything Could Happendrums (drum set)Ellie Goulding4:46
Anything Could HappensynthesizerEllie Goulding4:46
Anything Could Happeneffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding4:46
Anything Could HappenpianoEllie Goulding4:46
Atlantiseffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding3:53
Atlantisdrums (drum set)Ellie Goulding3:53
AtlantissynthesizerEllie Goulding3:53
AtlantispianoEllie Goulding3:53
AtlantispercussionEllie Goulding3:53
Better Than Sundaydrums (drum set)Ladyhawke3:28
Better Than SundaykeyboardLadyhawke3:28
Body Talkdrums (drum set) [drums]Foxes3:29
Body Talksynthesizer [synths]Foxes3:29
Body TalkguitarFoxes3:29
Body Talkkeyboard [keys]Foxes3:29
Brightest BluekeyboardEllie Goulding4:50
CyankeyboardEllie Goulding0:57
Don’t Say a Wordeffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding4:08
Don’t Say a WordpianoEllie Goulding4:08
Don’t Say a WordpercussionEllie Goulding4:08
Don’t Say a WordsynthesizerEllie Goulding4:08
Don’t Say a Worddrums (drum set)Ellie Goulding4:08
FluxpianoEllie Goulding3:50
Halcyondrums (drum set)Ellie Goulding3:24
HalcyonpianoEllie Goulding3:24
HalcyonpercussionEllie Goulding3:24
HalcyonsynthesizerEllie Goulding3:24
Halcyoneffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding3:24
If You Leave Me Nowkeyboard [keys]Foxes4:51
If You Leave Me Nowsynthesizer [synths]Foxes4:51
If You Leave Me Nowdrums (drum set) [drums]Foxes4:51
If You Leave Me NowguitarFoxes4:51
Joyeffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding3:09
Joydrums (drum set)Ellie Goulding3:09
JoypianoEllie Goulding3:09
JoypercussionEllie Goulding3:09
JoysynthesizerEllie Goulding3:09
My Bloodeffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding3:54
My Blooddrums (drum set), percussion, piano and synthesizerEllie Goulding3:54
Only YousynthesizerEllie Goulding3:52
Only YoupianoEllie Goulding3:52
Only Youdrums (drum set)Ellie Goulding3:52
Only YoupercussionEllie Goulding3:52
Only Youeffects [sound fx]Ellie Goulding3:52
Scream It Outadditional and synthesizer [synths]Ellie Goulding3:09
Scream It Outadditional and guitarEllie Goulding3:09
instruments arranged
Angelsstrings [original strings arrangement]Tom Walker3:27
2015Love RevolutionWill Young2:59
Anything Could HappenEllie Goulding4:46
AtlantisEllie Goulding3:53
Body TalkFoxes3:29
Brightest BlueEllie Goulding4:50
CyanadditionalEllie Goulding0:57
Don’t Say a WordEllie Goulding4:08
HalcyonEllie Goulding3:24
If You Leave Me NowFoxes4:51
JoyEllie Goulding3:09
My BloodEllie Goulding3:54
Only YouEllie Goulding3:52
Scream It OutEllie Goulding3:09
Anything Could Happendrum machineEllie Goulding4:46
Atlantisdrum machineEllie Goulding3:53
Brightest BlueEllie Goulding4:50
CyanEllie Goulding0:57
Don’t Say a Worddrum machineEllie Goulding4:08
Halcyondrum machineEllie Goulding3:24
Joydrum machineEllie Goulding3:09
My Blooddrum machineEllie Goulding3:54
Only Youdrum machineEllie Goulding3:52
recording engineer for
Better Than SundayLadyhawke3:28
We Come 1 (Elliot J remix)Faithless6:52
My Bloodbackground vocalsEllie Goulding3:54
2 Hearts
All the Lovers
Anything Could Happen
Brightest Blue
Dear Darlin'
Don’t Say a Word
Heart Skips a Beat
It Hurts
Love I’m Given
Love Revolution
My Blood
On Your Side
Only You
Scream It Out
Strange Love