†13th MOON† (deathrock/gothic/positive punk band)

~ Group



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
13th Moon †13th MOON† 2:05
13th Moon †13th MOON† 2:05
Countdown to Suicide †13th MOON† 3:04
Dead End Love (Phaidia) †13th MOON† ?:??
Grave Dance †13th MOON† 3:42
Grave Dance (Spooky Guitar version) †13th MOON† ?:??
Juz Blisko (Siekiera) †13th MOON† ?:??
Re-DR-uM †13th MOON† 2:20
The Phantoms †13th MOON† ?:??
The Phantoms †13th MOON† 3:59
Under the Mask †13th MOON† ?:??
Under the Mask †13th MOON† ?:??
Vanished From My Pocket 13th Moon ?:??
Vanished From My Pocket †13th MOON† ?:??
Violet Calm †13th MOON† ?:??
Witch Hunt †13th MOON† ?:??

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