Bill Nelson (English experimental musician)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Grand Arcade 2:00
Great Plains 2:51
Greetings From Surf Guitar Island ?:??
Half Asleep in the Hall of Mirrors (Theme From Dream Demon) 3:00
Half-Man, Half-Static 3:16
Hammertheme 1:20
Hank and Duane in Reverbland ?:??
Hank Marvin Goes to Mars 3:09
Happily Addicted to You 1:00
Happy on My Helicopter Hat 4:28
Happy Realms of Light 12:58
Hard Facts From the Fiction Department 3:35
Hard Facts From the Fiction Department ?:??
Hastening the Chariot of My Heart's Desire 3:10
Haunting in My Head 4:25
Haunting in My Head 4:19
He & Sleep Were Brothers 4:31
He and Sleep Were Brothers 4:38
Heart and Soul 4:47
Heart and Soul 4:55
Heartbreak Thru the Telephone 2:47
Heartbreakland 3:04
Heaven Holds a Grand Parade 4:43
Heaven Is a Haunted Realm 3:12
Heaven's Happy Hemisphere 3:54
Heavenly Message Number One 1:56
Heavenly Message Number Three 1:41
Heavenly Message Number Two 2:22
Hello Children 3:28
Help Us Magic Robot 7:19
Henrietta Through the Looking Glass 4:42
Heptarchia 2:12
Her Laughing Torso 0:51
Her Presence in Flowers 4:09
Her True Perfect Serpent 5:29
Here and Now 4:32
Here Come the Rain Comets 2:52
Here Comes Mr Mercury 4:07
Here Comes the Sea 5:03
Here I Am for You 4:06
Here We Go 3:57
Hermetica Automatica 4:09
Heros de Lumiere 5:51
Hers Is a Lush Situation 4:20
Hers Is a Lush Sutuation 4:16
Herself With Her Shadow 0:27
Hey, Bill Diddley! 3:48
Hi Lo La ?:??
Hieronymous Bosch Beyond Being and Nothingness Land 1:28
High and Mighty 5 1:16
High Beam Sensation ?:??
Hip-no-tize 1:59
Hold on to Your Heart 2:17
Holiday Express 4:08
Hollywood Still Burning ?:??
Hope for the Heartbeat 3:53
Hope for the Heartbeat (remix) 3:35
Hope for the Heartbeat (remix) 3:21
Horse Eats Hat 3:17
Hostess Twinkle Vapourised 3:24
Hot-Rod Racer 2:52
House of Sand 1:37
How Many Miles to Babylon 3:24
How Near We Are ?:??
Howlin’ Wolf in Me 5:52
Humming in the Void / Girl With the Thousand-watt Smile 5:22
Hymn of the Old Albion Co-Operative Society 1:58
I Always Knew You Would Find Me ?:??
I Am the Captain 5:43
I Am the Only Monster Here ?:??
I Am the Universe 3:14
I Danced in a Dream. (Blip No 11) 1:12
I Dream of Lightning ?:??
I Dream of Waves ?:??
I Hear Electricity 3:36
I Looked at the Sea 3:22
I Remember Circus Boy 3:39
I Remember Marvelman 5:42
I Saw Galaxies 2:54
I Send These Dreams to You ?:??
I Swear That the Girl in the Painting Moved ?:??
I Travel at Night 5:51
I Wait for You 2:39
I Want You 2:40
I’ll Be Everywhere 2:48
Ice and Fire 4:42
Ideal Homes 4:20
Ideal Homes 4:12
If I Was the Pilot of Your Perfect Cloud ?:??
If Love Were Gold 2:40
If Wishes Were Horses 3:27
Illuminated at Dusk 2:42
Illuminated Promenade 2:20
Illuminated Sky With Pale Blue Lightning 3:39
Illusions of You 3:39
Imperial Parade ?:??
Imps in the Undergrowth 3:37
In a Cloud of Stars 2:28
In a World of Strange Design 3:52
In an Aeroplane 4:12

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