Bill Nelson (English experimental musician)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Day I Dreamed You Up ?:??
The Day That Came and Went 4:47
The Dead We Wake With Upstairs Drums GBAAA9200307 3:22
The Departure of the 20th Century in a Hail of Memory ?:??
The Difficulty of Being 0:51
The Divine Raptures of Sisterhood 1:23
The Diving Bell ?:??
The Door 0:20
The Dove Consumed (The Serpent Slumbers) 1:28
The Drawing Room 4:27
The Dream Dance of Jane and the Somnambulist 1:48
The Dream of the Unified Field 4:37
The Dreamsville Poetry Experiment 13:07
The Dubious Virtue of Loveliness 3:06
The Echo, the Shadow, the Empty Shell 2:50
The Elegant Parabola ?:??
The Embarkation Song Of The Last Fast Airship 3:55
The Emperor of the Evening 4:56
The Enchanted Glove 1:20
The Enclosed Garden 0:52
The Eternal Fascinator 3:44
The Eternal Female 2:53
The Evening Peal 1:05
The Experimental Time Traveller 3:27
The Exquisite Corpse 0:52
The Fabulous Foals of Faraway Farm ?:??
The Fabulous Fountain of Your Savoir Faire 3:14
The Fabulous Mr. Futurismo 3:54
The Fabulous Whirlygig Of Now 3:41
The Fading Light 3 4:09
The Fairground 1:35
The Family 0:53
The Fantastic Futurama Ride ?:??
The Fields Beyond ?:??
The Final Curtain 2:01
The Flower Thief 3:10
The Four Square Citadel 1:12
The Fundamental Blues 3:38
The Funeral 2:53
The Future Now Becomes the Past ?:??
The Futurian 5:19
The Garden 2:17
The Gates 1:42
The Ghost in the Machine 4:17
The Gift 0:12
The Girl I Never Forgot 1:53
The Girl in the Galaxy Dress 4:42
The Girl in the Glass Aeroplane ?:??
The Girl in the Park in the Rain ?:??
The Girl on the Fairground Waltzer ?:??
The Girl Who Disappeared Into a Cloud 3:25
The Girl Who Was Electrically Carried Away 3:05
The Girls I’ve Loved 4:19
The Glance of a Glittering Stranger 1:22
The Glass Breakfast 1:49
The Gliding Club ?:??
The Glory Days GBAAA9200309 3:58
The Golden Age Again ?:??
The Golden Bough 3:34
The Golden Comet ?:??
The Golden Days of Radio (Compact mix) 3:47
The Golden Roundabout Rides Again 4:15
The Golden Soul of You 3:09
The Grand Magician Brings a Blessing ?:??
The Great Hall 0:27
The Happy Clock 1:25
The Heart Has Its Reasons 4:41
The Heat in the Room 1:04
The Hermetic Garden 1:27
The Hidden Flame 4:27
The Hipster Gimmick 2:41
The Home, the Light, and the Third 2:39
The House at the End of Memory Lane 5:53
The Hunt 1:25
The Ilfracombe Steamer ?:??
The Indelicate Levitation of Katie’s Skirts 4:09
The Invisible City of Christian Rosenkruetz ?:??
The Invisible Man and the Unforgettable Girl GBAAA9200314 3:46
The Invisible Venus of New York City 3:45
The Kid With a Cuckoo Clock Heart 4:27
The King and Queen of Now or Never 4:01
The Kingdom of Consequence 1:53
The Kiss of History 4:12
The Lamp of Invisible Light 5:25
The Land of Dreams Is Closed 3:57
The Land of Lost Time ?:??
The Last Romantic ?:??
The Last Summer for Dancing 2:06
The Latest Skyline 1:16
The Legendary Spaceman Blues 3:43
The Light Fantastic 5:01
The Light Gathering Garden of Omar Kadiz 3:27
The Light Is Kinder in This Corner of Corona ?:??
The Light This Universe Attracts 3:56
The Light We Cannot See 2:07
The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz 5:19
The Lonely Spaceman 2:46
The Lonesome Cowboy Radio Show 2:44
The Lost Planet of Sunday Afternoon 1:38
The Lost Years 2:26

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