Bill Nelson (English experimental musician)

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1971Northern DreamBill Nelson35
1981Quit Dreaming and Get on the BeamBill Nelson45
1981Sounding the Ritual Echo (Atmospheres for Dreaming)Bill Nelson2
1981Das Kabinet (The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari)Bill Nelson1
1982The Love That Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart)Bill Nelson44
1983ChimeraBill Nelson3
1984Chamber of Dreams (Music From the Invisible Exibition)Bill Nelson1
1984The Summer of God’s PianoBill Nelson3
1984Trial by Intimacy (The Book of Splendours)Bill Nelson42
1986Getting the Holy Ghost AcrossBill Nelson3
1986On a Blue WingBill Nelson1
1987Chance Encounters in the Garden of LightsBill Nelson33
1987Ecclesia Gnostica (Music for the Interior Church)Bill Nelson1
1989A Catalogue of ObsessionsBill Nelson1
1989Chimes and RingsBill Nelson1
1989Das Kabinet (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) / La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast)Bill Nelson41
1989DetailsBill Nelson1
1989HeartbreaklandBill Nelson1
1989NudityBill Nelson1
1989Pavillions of the Heart and SoulBill Nelson1
1990Altar PiecesBill Nelson1
1990Demonstrations of AffectionBill Nelson31
1991LuminousBill Nelson3
1992Blue Moons and Laughing GuitarsBill Nelson2
1995Crimsworth (Flowers, Stones, Fountains and Flames)Bill Nelson1
1995Practically Wired…or How I Became Guitar BoyBill Nelson4
1995Cultermix With Bill NelsonCulturemix with Bill Nelson1
1996After the Satellite SingsBill Nelson33
1997Buddha HeadBill Nelson1
1997Electricity Made Us AngelsBill Nelson1
1997Deep Dream DecoderBill Nelson1
1997Magnificent Dream PeopleBill Nelson1
1998Weird CrittersBill Nelson1
2000Whistling While the World TurnsBill Nelson1
2002Noise Candy: A Creamy Centre in Every Bite!Bill Nelson43
2003Astral MotelBill Nelson1
2003The Romance of Sustain, Volume 1: Painting With GuitarsBill Nelson1
2003Luxury LodgeBill Nelson1
2003PlaythingBill Nelson1
2003WhimsyBill Nelson1
2004Wah‐Wah GalaxyBill Nelson2
2004Custom DeluxeBill Nelson1
2004Dreamland to StarboardBill Nelson1
2004Satellite SongsBill Nelson1
2005Rosewood, Volume 2Bill Nelson1
2005The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor BillBill Nelson and his Lighthouse Signal Mechanism Orchestra1
2005Orpheus In UltralandBill Nelson1
2005Rosewood: Ornaments and Graces for Acoustic Guitar, Volume OneBill Nelson1
2006Neptune’s Galaxy: The Sailor Bill CompanionBill Nelson2
2006Return to Jazz of LightsBill Nelson2
2006Arcadian SalonBill Nelson1
2007And We Fell Into a DreamBill Nelson1
2007Gleaming Without LightsBill Nelson31
2007Secret Club for Members OnlyBill Nelson2
2008Illuminated at DuskBill Nelson2
2008Silvertone FountainsBill Nelson1
2008Mazda KaleidoscopeBill Nelson2
2008Clocks & DialsBill Nelson2
2008Golden Melodies of TomorrowBill Nelson1
2009Here Comes Mr MercuryBill Nelson2
2009Fancy PlanetsBill Nelson2
2009Theatre of Falling LeavesBill Nelson1
2009The Dream Transmission PavilionBill Nelson1
2009Non‐Stop Mystery ActionBill Nelson1
2010Picture PostBill Nelson1
2010Modern Moods For Mighty AtomsBill Nelson31
2010Fables and Dreamsongs: A Golden Book of Experimental BalladsBill Nelson31
2010Captain Future’s Psychotronic CircusBill Nelson31
2011FantasmatronBill Nelson1
2011Model VillageBill Nelson21
2011Signals From Realms of LightBill Nelson22
2011Hip Pocket JukeboxBill Nelson1
2012Songs of the Blossom Tree OptimistsBill Nelson31
2012The Last of the Neon CynicsBill Nelson1
2012Joy Through Amplification (The Ultra-Fuzzy World of Priapus Stratocaster)Bill Nelson31
2012Return to Tomorrow: These Tapes Rewind: Volume OneBill Nelson21
2012The Palace of Strange VoltagesBill Nelson31
2012The Dreamshire ChroniclesBill Nelson21
2013Blip!Bill Nelson31
2013The Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy: Blip! 2Bill Nelson31
2013Albion Dream VortexBill Nelson42
2013The Sparkle Machine: Several Sustained MomentsBill Nelson31
2014Pedalscope: Music Created for the Film ‘Velorama’Bill Nelson1
2014Fantastic GuitarsReeves Gabrels · Bill Nelson1
2014Stereo Star MapsBill Nelson32
2014Shining ReflectorBill Nelson2
2015Quiet BellsBill Nelson2
2015Swoons and Levitations: Musical Magic From Fantasmo’s SoundariumBill Nelson2
2015The YearsBill Nelson2
2015Plectrajet: Painting With Guitars, Volume TwoBill Nelson2
2015Electric AtlasBill Nelson2
2015Loom: Astroloops, Volume 2Bill Nelson2
2016Perfect MonstersBill Nelson2
2016Special MetalBill Nelson1
2016All That I RememberBill Nelson1
2016New Northern DreamBill Nelson1
2016Six String Super Apparatus: Painting with Guitars, Volume 3Bill Nelson1
2017The Awakening of Dr DreamBill Nelson1
2017Kid Flip & The Golden SpacemenBill Nelson1
2017Luxury Wonder MomentsBill Nelson1

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