Name ISRCs Rating Length
Robi Point, Stars Above 1:36
Rowing a Dead Horse 1:15
Rowing A Dead Horse 1:20
Scene 2:42
Sex Ruins Everything 3:37
Shaggy Dog Shames It's Owner 5:53
Shallow Doses 5:16
Share the Road 1:17
Sheriff Ochs 2:47
Short Story Long 3:13
Shuffle Kick Hum a Tune 3:39
Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune 4:04
Shuffle, Kick, Hum A Tune 4:30
Sin City ?:??
Slow Me Down 2:22
Some Girls Like Cigarettes ?:??
Something in the Air 2:20
Song for Annie's Harmonica 2:02
Spin 1:35
St. Swithin's Day ?:??
Staring at Your Toy Collection 4:01
Team Reasonable 4:22
That's What I Want to Hear 3:05
The Last Time I Saw Richard 4:27
The Thing About Distance 1:29
The Thing About Distance 1:51
The Thing About Distance (Redux) 1:39
Thirteen ?:??
Thirteen 2:47
This Lemonade Is Terrible 1:50
This Life, So Unlike the Last 3:31
Thrill of the Hunt 2:30
Through the Sound of Crashing Pins 2:26
Through The Sound Of Crashing Pins 3:07
Title Track ?:??
To the Wall (Intermission) 2:26
Tom Courtenay ?:??
Trials of the Spiky Belt Collective 1:48
Two Violins, Which are Meant to Represent the Forest 3:56
Tyco Racing Set and a Christmas Story Fifteen Times 5:15
Tyco Racing Set and a Christmas Story Fifteen Times 6:01
Valentines Day Is Over ?:??
We Are Both Writers 2:51
We Fell All Over You 4:49
We Got as Far as Minnesota 3:12
What a Wonderful Puddle 4:43
What A Wonderful Puddle 4:24
When I'm Gone 3:50
When Your Heroes Hate You 2:10
Where Were You in Chicago 0:43
Who Cares How Much 3:01
Why I Smoke Mad Weed 5:13
Worker Bee #7438-F787904 3:24
Yes, You're Busted 1:33
You ?:??
You 2:17
You Can't Get Stoned Enough 2:10
You Got Served 1:46
You I Seek 2:00
Young Fiction Writer 4:06
Your Favorite Actor 2:58

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