The Residents (avant-garde experimental group)

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1974Meet the ResidentsThe Residents411
1976The Third Reich ’n RollThe Residents49
1977FingerprinceThe Residents48
1978Not AvailableThe Residents37
1978Duck Stab / Buster & GlenThe Residents4.359
1979EskimoThe Residents311
1980Commercial AlbumThe Residents4.359
1981Mark of the MoleThe Residents36
1982The Tunes of Two CitiesThe Residents3
1983Residue of the ResidentsThe Residents3
1983Title in LimboThe Residents & Renaldo & The Loaf44
1984George & James: American Composer Series, Volume 1The Residents2
1985Stars & Hank Forever! The American Composer’s Series, Volume IIThe Residents6
1985The Big BubbleThe Residents3
1988God in Three PersonsThe Residents511
1988The Snakey WakeThe Residents2
1989The King and EyeThe Residents23
1990Freak ShowThe Residents38
1990Stranger Than SupperThe Residents1
1992Our Finest FlowersThe Residents3
1994Gingerbread ManThe Residents3.55
1996Have a Bad DayThe Residents2
1997Pollex ChristiThe Residents1
1998Wormwood: Curious Stories From the BibleThe Residents3
2000Roadworms: The Berlin SessionsThe Residents1
2001High HorsesThe ResidentsCombo de Mecanico1
2002Demons Dance AloneThe Residents4
200312 Days of BrumaliaThe Residents2
2005Animal LoverThe Residents3
2006The River of Crime!The Residents2
2006Tweedles!The Residents3
2006The River of Crime! InstrumentalThe Residents2
2007Night of the HuntersThe Residents2
2007The Voice of MidnightThe Residents1
2008Animal Lover InstrumentalThe Residents1
2008Smell My PictureThe Residents1
2008The Bunny BoyThe Residents2
2009The Rivers of HadesThe Residents2
2009The Ughs!The Residents1
2009ArkansasThe Residents1
2009Scattered Unfinished Music Sketches (1997: The Missing Year)The Residents1
2009The Fillmore Dress Rehearsal (Act One) (1997: The Missing Year)The Residents1
2009The Bridegroom of Blood: Gamelan CollectionThe Residents1
2010Chicken Scratching With The ResidentsThe Residents1
2010Dollar General: One Lost Night in Van Horn, TexasThe Residents2
2010OzanThe Residents1
2010Strange Culture / Haeckel’s TaleThe Residents1
2010Talking Light Live in Rehearsal, Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThe Residents1
2010Tweedles (Tabasco) InstrumentalThe Residents2
2010Voiceless MidnightThe Residents1
2011Chuck’s Ghost MusicThe Residents2
2011Lonely TeenagerThe Residents2
2011The Mole Show Live at the RoxyThe Residents1
2011OzarkThe Residents3
2011Coochie BrakeThe Residents Present Sonidos de la Noche3
2011CUBE E Dynasone 3EZThe Residents2
2012Night Train to Nowhere!The Residents1
2012D*ck S*ab: 35th AnniversaryTh* R*sidents1
2012Bad Day on the Midway: Music From the Game ReconsideredThe Residents1
2014Re Smell My Picture, Volume 1 – Pardon Me, I’m Taking a ShitThe Residents1
2014Re Smell My Picture, Volume 2 – Twilight ZoneThe Residents1
2017The Ghost of HopeThe Residents3
2018The W***** B*** AlbumThe Residents3
2018I Am a Resident!The Residents3
2018IntrudersThe Residents3
2019B.S.The Residents2
2019Eskimo DeconstructedThe Residents1
2019Music to Eat Bricks ByThe Residents1
2019Dreaming of an Eyeball BeamingThe Residents1
2019The Residents Present Alvin Snow, aka Dyin’ DogThe Residents present Dyin’ Dog1
2020Metal, Meat & Bone: The Songs of Dyin’ DogThe Residents2
2021Leftovers Again!?!The Residents1
2021WOW Demos 1The Residents1
2021Duck Stab! Alive!The Residents2
2021WOW Demos 2The Residents1
2022So Long Sam (1945–2006)The Residents1

Album + Compilation

1979NibblesThe Residents5
1983The Residents Radio SpecialThe Residents52
1984Assorted SecretsThe Residents2
1985PAL TV LPThe Residents2
1986Heaven?The Residents1
1986Hell!The Residents1
1991Daydream B LiverThe Residents2
1993Uncle Willie’s Highly Opinionated Guide to the ResidentsThe Residents1
1994Poor Kaw-Liga’s PainThe Residents1
1997Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses: 25th Anniversary Box SetThe Residents2
1998Twenty-Five Years Of Eyeball ExcellenceThe Residents1
1999Land of MysteryThe Residents1
1999RefusedThe Residents2
2000Dot.comThe Residents2
2000Roosevelt 2.0The Residents1
2001Icky FlixThe Residents2
2002Petting ZooThe Residents3
2005Mark of the Mole & IntermissionThe Residents1
2005The Tunes of Two Cities & The Big BubbleThe Residents1
2006Best Left Unspoken… Volume One: Pollex Christi and Other SelectionsThe Residents1
2006Best Left Unspoken… Volume Two: High Horses and Other SelectionsThe Residents1
2007Best Left Unspoken… Volume Three: For Elsie and Other SelectionsThe Residents1
2009El año del muertoThe Residents2
2009Cover Versions Series 1The Residents1

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