mastering engineer position at:Sterling Sound (Nashville studio, operational since Apr 2018) in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Sterling Sound (original NYC studio; split/relocated to Nashville and Edgewater in 2018) in Chelsea, New York, New York, United States (until 2018-04)
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A Night AwayassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet8:01
Build a BridgeassistantAudra McDonald2:54
Cradle and AllassistantAudra McDonald5:33
Damned LadiesassistantAudra McDonald3:33
Dividing DayassistantAudra McDonald4:22
Don't WaitassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet7:13
En la Tierra que no olvidaassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet7:46
Fear and TremblingassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet7:00
God Give me StrengthassistantAudra McDonald4:58
I Think It's Going to Rain TodayassistantAudra McDonald3:08
I Wanna Get MarriedassistantAudra McDonald4:04
Long BeforeassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet7:01
Marta's Theme (from "Passagio per il Paradiso")assistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet2:32
My HeartassistantAudra McDonald3:17
My Stupid MouthassistantAudra McDonald3:51
Santa Cruz SlackerassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet6:13
Secret BeachassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet9:10
Silent MovieassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet6:08
The Sound of WaterassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet3:57
To a ChildassistantAudra McDonald3:42
Tom Cat GoodbyeassistantAudra McDonald4:45
Towards the LightassistantMetheny Mehldau Quartet8:14
Wonderful YouassistantAudra McDonald2:45
recording engineer for
ChurchassistantDe La Soul5:33
Come On DownassistantDe La Soul feat. Flavor Flav5:02
Days of Our LivesassistantDe La Soul feat. Common3:52
It’s Like ThatassistantDe La Soul feat. Carl Thomas4:37
NoassistantDe La Soul feat. Butta Verses4:35
Rock Co.Kane FlowassistantDe La Soul feat. MF DOOM3:05
Shopping Bags (She Got From You)assistantDe La Soul3:57
The FutureassistantDe La Soul3:50
The Grind DateassistantDe La Soul3:23
Verbal ClapassistantDe La Soul3:17
Avenue Q: The Musical (2003 original Broadway cast)assistantRobert Lopez & Jeff Marx
Age of AquariusVillagers of Ioannina City
Age of Aquarius (limited edition)Villagers of Ioannina City
American Standard (Target exclusive edition)assistantJames Taylor
Before This WorldadditionalJames Taylor
Decadence and DecaySilver Talon
Decadence and DecaySilver Talon
NepentheJulianna Barwick
NepentheJulianna Barwick
One Day DieMatt Duke
The Brightest VoidTarja
The Final RIOT!Paramore
The Final RIOT!Paramore