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Name ISRCs Rating Length
3am, Room 4 4:48
Beginning - Something to Do While Driving 21:45
Beginning - Who Makes Up These Questions 17:34
Beginning: An Empty Street 28:10
box (s) SH1 3am Rm4 (sha la la la) 4:18
End - Mapping the World 21:36
End - Mapping the World 18:44
End - Too Long Rubbing Two Sticks Together 28:48
End: A Boundary and an Edge 11:11
Middle - A Scrappy Piece of Paper With Your Name on It 19:42
Middle - Thinking of Changing the Rectangle to a Less Regular Shape 15:05
Middle: The Drape of the Curtain 14:26
Reel to Reel 5:01
Reel to Reel 4:42
Something to Do While Driving (Excerpts) 4:09

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