Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Charlatan Waltz ?:??
The Coaching Party ?:??
The Colored Aristocracy ?:??
The Darkie's Dream ?:??
The Donkey Laugh ?:??
The Emerald Isle March ?:??
The Holy City ?:??
The Man Behind the Gun March ?:??
The Mosquito Parade ?:??
The Phroso Waltz ?:??
The Singing Girl March ?:??
The Singing Girl Mazurka ?:??
The Singing Girl Waltz ?:??
The Yale Boola March ?:??
Twirly Whirly March Medley ?:??
U.S. Army Lancers, First Figure ?:??
U.S. Army Lancers, First Half of Last Figure ?:??
U.S. Army Lancers, Second Half of Last Figure ?:??
U.S. Army Lancers, Third Figure ?:??
Uncle Sam's Navy March ?:??
Valse Bleue ?:??
Waltz From the Fortune Teller ?:??
When Knighthood Was in Flower Waltz ?:??
Yankee Doodle Dandy Lanciers ?:??
Zamona ?:??

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