Dan Gibson (Solitudes)

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1981Solitudes, Volume 1: By Canoe to Loon LakeDan Gibson2
1981Solitudes, Volume 2: The Sound of the surfDan Gibson2
1981Solitudes, Volume 3: Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific CoastDan Gibson3
1981Solitudes, Volume 4: Niagara Falls, the Gorge and GlenDan Gibson1
1982Solitudes, Volume 5: Dawn on the DesertDan Gibson2
1982Solitudes, Volume 6: Storm on Wilderness LakeDan Gibson2
1983Solitudes, Volume 9: SeascapesDan Gibson2
1985Solitudes, Volume 10: Tradewind IslandsDan Gibson2
1987Solitudes, Volume 11: National Parks and Sanctuaries EditionDan Gibson2
1988Solitudes, Volume 12: Listen to the LoonsDan Gibson2
1989Harmony: Exploring Nature With MusicDan Gibson1
1990Pacific SuiteDan Gibson1
1991Great Lakes SuiteDan Gibson1
1991Solitudes: The ClassicsDan Gibson1
1992Algonquin SuiteDan Gibson2
1992Christmas ClassicsDan Gibson1
1992Solitudes: The Classics II: Exploring Nature With MusicDan Gibson1
1993Rocky Mountain SuiteDan Gibson1
1993Strauss Waltzes: In Concert With the SeaDan Gibson1
1994Atlantic SuiteDan Gibson1
1994Southwest SuiteDan Gibson1
1994Appalachian Mountain SuiteDan Gibson1
1994Christmas in the CountryDan Gibson1
1995Legend of the WolfDan Gibson2
1995Loon Echo LakeDan Gibson1
1995Nature's BalletDan Gibson1
1995Ocean SurfDan Gibson1
1995Pachelbel: Forever by the SeaDan Gibson1
1995Raindance: Impressions of a Native LandDan Gibson1
1995Rhythms of the Sea: Eight Piano MoodsDan Gibson1
1995Solitudes: Thunderstorm in the WildernessDan Gibson1
1995The Nature of CanadaDan Gibson1
1996FloridaDan Gibson1
1996Island ParadiseDan Gibson1
1996Forest PianoDan Gibson2
1996Solitudes: Christmas WonderDan Gibson1
1996Solitudes: Songbirds at SunriseDan Gibson1
1997Beethoven: Forever By The SeaDan Gibson1
1997Celtic AwakeningDan Gibson1
1997SunshowersDan Gibson1
1997Thunder SpiritDan Gibson1
1997Whispering WoodsDan Gibson1
1998Dance of the HummingbirdDan Gibson1
1998Guardians of AtlantisDan Gibson2
1998A Celtic Christmas StoryDan Gibson1
1998Bach: Forever by the SeaDan Gibson1
1998Mozart: Forever By The SeaDan Gibson1
1998Natural Sleep InducementDan Gibson1
1998Natural Stress ReliefDan Gibson2
1998Piano CascadesDan Gibson1
1998Solitudes: In the Midst of AngelsDan Gibson1
1999YogaDan Gibson1
1999Jazz by TwilightDan Gibson1
1999Caribbean DreamDan Gibson1
1999Natural ConcentrationDan Gibson1
1999Natural Massage TherapyDan Gibson1
1999Solitudes, Nature Sound Collection: Songbirds by the StreamDan Gibson1
1999Solitudes: StargazingDan Gibson1
1999Soothing Surf (For Expecting Mothers)Dan Gibson1
2000Natural RelaxationDan Gibson1
2000Classical RomanceDan Gibson1
2000Angel's EmbraceDan Gibson1
2000Birdsong IIDan Gibson1
2000Natural MeditationDan Gibson1
2000Pacific Grace: Spirit of the Killer WhaleDan Gibson1
2000Wildlife Identification by SoundDan Gibson1
2001Nature's Spa: Classical BlissDan Gibson1
2001Echoes In The GlenDan Gibson1
2001Woodland StringsDan Gibson1
2001Alaska: A Wild WonderDan Gibson1
2001Fountain of YouthDan Gibson1
2001Solitudes: Nurturing RainDan Gibson1
2002Rolling ThunderDan Gibson1
2002Morning Has BrokenDan Gibson1
2002Seaside RetreatDan Gibson1
2002Songbird SymphonyDan Gibson1
2002Debussy: Forever by the SeaDan Gibson1
2002Lakeside RetreatDan Gibson1
2003Canada: From Sunrise to SunsetDan Gibson1
2003Angelsong: Choral Classics By The SeaDan Gibson1
2003Classical GardenDan Gibson1
2003Lullabies From Nature's NurseryDan Gibson1
2003Somewhere Over the RainbowDan Gibson1
2003Country RetreatDan Gibson1
2003Moon RiverDan Gibson1
2003Native Spirit: Gentle WorldDan Gibson1
2003Natural Stress Relief IIDan Gibson2
2003Pachelbel in the GardenDan Gibson1
2004Forest CelloDan Gibson1
2004Asian SpaDan Gibson1
2004European SpaDan Gibson1
2004ThunderstormDan Gibson1
2004Tranquil CoveDan Gibson1
2005Rocky Mountain RetreatDan Gibson1
2005Moonlight SonataDan Gibson1
2005Brazilian BreezeDan Gibson1
2005Celtic SerenityDan Gibson1
2005Natural GroovesDan Gibson1
2006Calm the MindDan Gibson & Daniel May1
2006Dock Of The BayDan Gibson1

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