Dario G

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Sunmachine Dario G 4:18
Sunmachine Dario G 3:45
Sunmachine Dario G 3:18
Sunmachine Dario G 4:19
Sunmachine (album version) Dario G 7:19
Sunmachine (Blank & Jones Laidback club mix) Dario G 10:13
Sunmachine (Blank & Jones Laidback radio mix) Dario G 3:49
Sunmachine (Bossi Meets Cyrus & The Joker club mix) Dario G 7:28
Sunmachine (Cyrus & The Joker Meets Bossi extended dub mix) Dario G 7:37
Sunmachine (Cyrus & The Joker Meets Bossi extended dub radio mix) Dario G 3:31
Sunmachine (Echobeatz mix) Dario G 9:45
Sunmachine (radio mix) Dario G 4:21
Synchyme Dario G 3:55
Voices Dario G GBAHT9802832 2 5:19
Voices Dario G 3 3:24
Voices Dario G featuring Vanessa Quiñones 5:19
Voices Dario G GBAHT1300462 3:22
Voices (acoustic version) Dario G GBAHT9802837 3:26
Voices (album version) Dario G & Vanessa Quiñones 5:21
Voices (Jimpy & Wolff mix) Dario G 6:52
Voices (Jimpy & Wolff) Dario G 6:53
Voices (Kriana mix) Dario G 8:14
Voices (Matt Darey's Tekara mix) Dario G 6:51
Voices (radio edit) Dario G 3:24
Voices (radio edit) Dario G 3:22
Voices (radio edit) Dario G 3:25
Voices (radio edit) Dario G ?:??
Voices (Sash! Radio edit) Dario G 3:26
Voices (Sash! X-Tended mix) Dario G 5:48
Voices (Taste Xperience mix) Dario G 6:56
We Got Music Dario G & Shirley Bassey 4:09
We Got Music (7th Heaven club mix) Dario G & Shirley Bassey 6:58
We Got Music (7th Heaven radio edit) Dario G & Shirley Bassey 4:20
We Got Music (radio edit) Dario G & Shirley Bassey 3:54

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