Blueprint (US rapper/hip-hop producer)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
La La La Blueprint 4:41
La La La (instrumental) Blueprint 4:44
Landing Blueprint 1:20
Lattitude Blueprint 8:54
Leave Me Alone Blueprint 4:35
Liberated Blueprint 8:53
Live for Today Blueprint 5:08
Lo-Fi Funk Blueprint 3:31
Lucky Blueprint feat. Illogic 3:08
Make Moves Small Professor feat. Blueprint & Curly Castro 2:40
Maybe My Generation Blueprint feat. Illogic 4:38
Midnight Blueprint 2:03
Mind, Body & Soul Blueprint feat. Angelica Lee 5:04
Mission Statement Blueprint 3:05
Mr. Hyde Blueprint 4:18
My Crew Here (original) (feat. Manifest) Blueprint 2:35
My Culture Blueprint 4:10
My Melody Blueprint 5:37
Never Grow Old Blueprint 4:01
No B.S. Sean Anonymous feat. Blueprint & Abstract Rude 3:08
No Gravity Doze feat. Blueprint 2:50
No Half Smokin Blueprint 3:34
Not Afraid of the Dark Blueprint 2:50
Not Sure Why I Came Back Blueprint ?:??
Not Sure Why I Came Back (Instrumental) Blueprint ?:??
Nothing Like This Blueprint 3:23
Numb Blueprint 3:26
Obsolete Blueprint feat. The Orphanage 4:06
Off the Top Blueprint 3:04
Off the Top (instrumental) Blueprint 2:37
Oh Word? Blueprint 1:46
Once Again Blueprint feat. MidaZ the Beast & Count Bass D 4:09
One Step for Every Tear Blueprint 3:55
Orphanage Freestyle Part II Live Sage Francis feat. Aesop Rock, Eyedea, Slug, Illogic, Blueprint, DJ Abilities 7:02
Outro Blueprint 4:30
Overdosin' Blueprint 2:49
Packt Like Blueprint 3:55
Pain Wrekonize feat. Blueprint 4:50
Pain (Feat. Illogic) Blueprint 4:59
Paradise Blueprint feat. The Iskabibbles 2:43
Pendulum Master Blueprint feat. WindnBreeze 7:34
Persevere Blueprint 4:30
Perspective Blueprint 3:28
Pimped Out to the Fullest Blueprint 1:01
Pomp And Circumstances Abstract Rude & Musab ft. Blueprint ft. The Grouch 4:31
Printmatic (remix) Blueprint 3:48
Prison Workout Blueprint feat. CJ the Cynic 2:51
Radio-Inactive Blueprint 4:17
Radio-Inactive Blueprint 4:16
Rags to Rugged Blueprint feat. Badaddy Shabaz 3:58
Rain Must Fall Blueprint 2:59
Respect the Architect Blueprint 3:24
Rise & Fall Blueprint 3:53
Sacrifice Blueprint feat. Illogic 3:55
Scared Jake One feat. Blueprint 2:30
See Thru Blueprint 3:58
Senseless Blueprint 4:09
Serengeti Sex (feat. Flip and Manifest) Blueprint 7:43
Silver Lining Blueprint 3:40
Slave Songs Blueprint feat. Drown 3:14
Small World, Big Plans Blueprint feat. Vast Aire 4:03
Small World, Big Plans Vast Aire feat. Blueprint 4:01
So Alive Blueprint 3:51
Soap Blueprint 4:16
Soul Position Freestyle Blueprint 2:43
Soul Position Interview Blueprint 2:47
Starch Blueprint 6:04
Starting Out Blueprint 1:07
Stole Our Yesterday Blueprint 4:49
Takin' It Blueprint 3:26
Tears of A Drone Blueprint ?:??
Tears of A Drone (Instrumental) Blueprint ?:??
Ten Paces Blueprint ?:??
Ten Paces (Instrumental) Blueprint ?:??
That's What You Get Blueprint feat. The Minor League 4:58
The America Dream Blueprint 4:07
The Bartenders Blueprint feat. Zero Star 3:47
The Climb Blueprint 2:39
The Clouds Blueprint 3:22
The Day to Day Blueprint 3:57
The Day to Day (instrumental) Blueprint 3:41
The Last Song Blueprint 2:30
The Lounge Blueprint 4:18
The Mask Blueprint 4:54
The Only Constant Illogic feat. Blueprint 3:46
The Other Side Blueprint 4:23
The Proper Education Blueprint feat. Greenhouse Effect 4:58
The Talented Tenth Blueprint 3:06
The Watering Hole Blueprint ?:??
The Watering Hole (Instrumental) Blueprint ?:??
They Like Power Blueprint 3:45
This Lonely Rose Atmosphere feat. Blueprint & Aesop Rock ?:??
Time Management Blueprint 4:16
Time Management (revisited) Blueprint 4:47
Time Management Rebuilt Blueprint 4:14
Too Funkadelic Blueprint 3:57
Too Funkadelic (instrumental) Blueprint 3:14
Tramp Blueprint 4:46
Trouble on My Mind Blueprint 3:40
True Love Blueprint 3:53

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