Blueprint (US rapper/hip-hop producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
6 A.M. Blueprint 2:48
1988 Blueprint 3:05
1988 Commercial Blueprint 1:02
A Hero Dies Once Blueprint 2:34
Alchemy Aesop Rock feat. Blueprint 2 4:24
Alchemy (remix) Blueprint feat. Aesop Rock 4:23
All Shock No Value Blueprint feat. Aceyalone 4:27
Anything Is Possible Blueprint 1:30
Arms Too Short Blueprint 2:40
As Long as It Takes Blueprint 4:20
Automatic Blueprint 3:15
Babies Got Guns Blueprint 2:38
Babylon Cesar Comanche & Blueprint 4:51
Bartenders Blueprint 3:59
Be Like Water Blueprint 3:03
Beautiful Thing ILLUS & DJ Johnny Juice feat. Blueprint 3:45
Before Freedom Blueprint 4:37
Behave Yourself Blueprint 5:45
Bells & Whistles Blueprint 3:52
Best Producer on the Mic II J. Rawls feat. Oddisee, Nottz Raw & Blueprint 4:40
Big Girls Need Love Too Blueprint 4:03
Black Intellectual Blueprint 5:31
Blue Balls BK-One with Benzilla feat. Blueprint 2:39
Blueprint Who? Blueprint 3:27
BMX Aesop Rock feat. Blueprint & Rob Sonic 3 3:35
Body Movin' Blueprint 2:05
Boom Box Blueprint 4:55
Boombox Blueprint 5:19
Boombox Blueprint 5:18
Break Bread Illogic feat. Blueprint 4:56
Brick Walls & Blurry Faces Castle & Blueprint 2:35
Brick Walls & Blurry Faces L’Orange, Castle & Blueprint 2:36
Bulletproof Resume Blueprint feat. Illogic 3:31
C'Mon Blueprint 3:31
Can't Understand Cas Metah feat. Ruffian & Blueprint 4:33
Catch 20 Blueprint feat. Plead the 5th & CJ the Cynic 4:08
Check Mate Blueprint 1:16
Check Mate (instrumental) Blueprint 1:19
Cinderella Complex Illogic feat. Blueprint of Greenhouse Effect 5:54
Cleansing Process Blueprint 0:35
Common Knowledge Blueprint feat. Ill Poetic 2:17
Common Knowledge Ill Poetic feat. Blueprint 3:07
Corner Store Showdown Blueprint ?:??
Corner Store Showdown (Instrumental) Blueprint ?:??
Crewed Up Atmosphere feat. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright, & Blueprint 4:33
Dead Presidents Blueprint 3:09
Dead Presidents Blueprint 2:31
Don't Look Back Blueprint 3:12
Don't Make Me Laugh Blueprint 3:13
Don't Make Me Laugh (instrumental) Blueprint 2:13
Dream Big Blueprint 4:53
Encounter Blueprint feat. Aesop Rock 5:26
Enter Blueprint 1:13
Exit Blueprint 4:43
Extraordinary ILLUS & DJ Johnny Juice feat. Blueprint 2:53
Favorite Things Illogic feat. Blueprint of Greenhouse Effect 4:01
Feel Me Blueprint 4:36
Feels So Good (freestyle) Blueprint 4:59
Final Frontier Rjd2 feat. Blueprint 4:26
Final Frontier RJD2 feat. Blueprint 1:05
Final Frontier RJD2 feat. Blueprint 4:23
Final Frontier (remix) Vast Aire feat. Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Murs, RJD2 4:04
Final Frontier (remix) Murs feat. RJD2, Blueprint, Vast Aire & Aesop Rock ?:??
Final Frontier (RJD2 remix) RJD2 feat. Aesop Rock, Blueprint, Murs & Vast Aire 4:11
Final Frontier Remix RJD2 feat. Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Vast Aire & Murs 4:11
Fist Fight Blueprint 4:33
Fist High Static & Nat Ill feat. Slug & Blueprint 4:12
Five Dollar Boy, Million Dollar Man Blueprint feat. Bru Lei 3:21
Five Years Ago Blueprint 1:23
Fly Away Blueprint 3:47
Freedub Blueprint 8:44
Fresh Blueprint 2:49
Friction Vast Aire feat. Cryptic One, Inkwell, Blueprint 5:24
Full Moon Blueprint 5:48
Get Right Blueprint 4:10
Go Hard or Go Home (Printnificence) Blueprint 3:50
Goin’ Off Blueprint 2:33
Good Guys Get Ignored Blueprint 2:34
Good Vibe Blueprint 0:40
Graffiti Writer Killed Blueprint ?:??
Graffiti Writer Killed (Instrumental) Blueprint ?:??
Great Eyedeas Never Die Blueprint 6:48
Health is Wealth Blueprint feat. Supastition & Mr. Lif 3:47
Hold Mine Blueprint feat. The Orphanage 4:54
Hold Mine Atmosphere feat. Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Eyedea & Illogic 4:56
Holding Tank (revisited) Blueprint 3:24
Hoop Dreamin Blueprint feat. Has-Lo 4:20
Hot Sex Blueprint 6:02
I Jack Off (freestyle) Blueprint 3:30
I Wanna Go Blueprint 3:48
I.C.U. Vast Aire feat. Plead the 5th & Blueprint 4:41
ICU Blueprint feat. Vast of Cannibal Ox and Plead the Ph5th 4:43
In the Beginning Blueprint 2:21
Independently Paid (short version) Blueprint 2:40
Inhale (remix) Blueprint 3:14
Inner City Native Son Blueprint 3:23
Intro Blueprint 0:47
Intro Blueprint 0:28
Intro Blueprint 0:54
It All Came to Me in a Dream RJD2 feat. Blueprint 3:17

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