Chicane (UK trance/electronic music producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
One Thousand Suns (Soundprank remix) (part of a “Trance 75: Best of 2012” DJ‐mix) Chicane & Ferry Corsten ?:??
One Thousand Suns (Soundprank vocal edit) Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns GBRDU1300001 2:54
One Thousand Suns (Soundprank vocal edit) Chicane 2:55
One Thousand Suns (Soundprank vocal mix) Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns GBRDU1300004 5:08
One Thousand Suns (Villa Naranjos remix) (2013-04-25: A State of Trance #610) Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns 4:28
One Thousand Suns (vocal edit) Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns GBRDU1300002 3:35
One Thousand Suns (vocal mix) (2013-03-28: A State of Trance #606) Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns 5:18
Onshore (Break the Ice mix) Chicane 6:47
Onshore (Screwball mix) Chicane 7:49
Orleans Chicane feat. Lisa Gerrard 4:21
Overlap Chicane GBCUY9900039 3 4:39
Overlap Chicane GBRDU1300021 4:36
Overlap (part of a “Chicane Anthology, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) Chicane 5:27
Overture Chicane GBCUY9900034 3 3:45
Overture Chicane GBRDU1300015 3:34
Overture (part of a “Ambient Chillout Mix 5” DJ‐mix) Chicane ?:??
Overture (part of a “Breakdown: The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes” DJ‐mix) Chicane 2:32
Overture (part of a “Chilled Out Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Chicane 2:59
Overture (original mix) (part of a “Ibiza Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Chicane 2:32
Oxygen Chicane feat. Paul Aiden 5:57
Oxygen (album mix) Chicane feat. Paul Aiden 6:26
Oxygen (Chicane vs Westfunk radio edit) Chicane & Paul Aiden 3:24
Oxygen (Chicane vs. Westfunk radio edit) Chicane feat. Paul Aiden 3:25
Photograph Chicane feat. Christian Burns 3:31
Playing Fields Chicane feat. Kate Walsh GBRDU1100021 5:23
Playing Fields Chicane feat. Kate Walsh 2:47
Playing Fields (beatless demo) Chicane 3:17
Popiholla (part of a “MoS: Chilled House Classics” DJ‐mix) Chicane 5:00
Poppiholia Chicane 4:49
Poppiholla Chicane GBRDU0900001 4 3:42
Poppiholla Chicane 5:19
Poppiholla Chicane 4:39
Poppiholla Chicane 8:51
Poppiholla Chicane 5:13
Poppiholla Chicane 3:41
Poppiholla Chicane 3:39
Poppiholla Chicane 3:11
Poppiholla Chicane 3:36
Poppiholla Chicane 8:46
Poppiholla Chicane 3:40
Poppiholla (2009-12-31: A State of Trance #437, “Yearmix of 2009”) Chicane ?:??
Poppiholla (part of “A State of Trance: Year Mix 2009” DJ‐mix) Chicane 1:27
Poppiholla (part of a “Chilled Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Chicane 3:52
Poppiholla (part of a “Grandmix 2009” DJ‐mix) Chicane 1:35
Poppiholla (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2010” DJ‐mix) Chicane 4:32
Poppiholla (part of a “MoS: Running Trax” DJ‐mix) Chicane 4:33
Poppiholla (part of a “The Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown 2010” DJ‐mix) Chicane 4:32
Poppìholla Chicane 8:22
Poppìholla Chicane 5:03
Poppiholla (5 AM album mix) Chicane GBRDU1000012 5:06
Poppiholla (Anniversary mix) Chicane 6:40
Poppiholla (club mix) Chicane 8:50
Poppiholla (club mix) (part of a “Armada Trance 7” DJ‐mix) Chicane 6:11
Poppiholla (Disco Citizens remix) Chicane 8:50
Poppiholla (Freakazoid remix) Chicane GBRDU1100017 6:45
Poppiholla (Frekazoid remix) (part of a “David Waxman Presents: Ultra Electro 3” DJ‐mix) Chicane 6:34
Poppiholla (MS Systems remix) Chicane 2:48
Poppiholla (original mix) Chicane 7:52
Poppiholla (original radio edit) Chicane 3 3:40
Poppiholla (radio edit) Chicane 3:44
Poppiholla (radio mix) Chicane 4:48
Poppiholla (single edit) Chicane 3:11
Poppiholla (Thrillseekers remix) Chicane 3 5:43
Poppiholla (Thrillseekers remix) Chicane 8:36
Poppiholla (Thrillseekers remix) Chicane 3:43
Red Skies Chicane GBRDU0700022 7:37
Red Skies Chicane 1:51
Red Skies Chicane 4:40
Red Skies Chicane 3:40
Red Skies Chicane 3:48
Red Skies Chicane 3:34
Red Skies (edit) Chicane with Power Circle 7:35
Red Skies (Hole in One remix) Chicane 5:53
Red Skies (original radio edit) Chicane 3:52
Red Skies (Vincent de Moor remix) Chicane 6:07
Salt Water Chicane 4:09
Salt Water Chicane 4:29
Salt Water Chicane 4:25
Salt Water Chicane 3:25
Salt Water Chicane ?:??
Salt Water Chicane ?:??
Salt Water (DJ-mix from “Adrenalin”) Chicane 3:48
Salt Water (part of a “Gatecrasher: The Summer Sound System” DJ‐mix) Chicane 5:37
Salt Water (part of a “MoS: Anthems Trance” DJ‐mix) Chicane 5:01
Salt Water (part of a “MoS: Anthems: 1991–2008” (AU) DJ‐mix) Chicane 4:57
Salt Water (part of a “MoS: Anthems: 1991–2008” (GB) DJ‐mix) Chicane 4:56
Salt Water (part of a “MoS: Classic Trance Nation” DJ‐mix) Chicane 4:59
Salt Water (part of Classic Dance Anthems DJ mix) Chicane 4:02
Salt Water (feat. Máire Brennan of Clannad) (part of a “Dave Pearce Presents: 40 Classic Dance Anthems” DJ‐mix) Chicane 3:15
Salt Water (feat. Marie Brennan) (original mix) Chicane 5:26
Salt Water (Molella) (feat. Máire Brennan) Chicane 3:07
Salt Water (Mothership mix) Chicane 3:24
Salt Water (original) Chicane 9:54
Salt Water (original) Chicane 3:22
Salt Water (Paul Thomas mix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Annual 2010” DJ‐mix, USA) Chicane 6:37
Salt Water (Thrillseekers House mix) (part of a “Chilled Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Chicane 5:00
Salt Water (Tomski vs Disco Citizens remix) (part of a “Euphoria: A Decade of Trance Anthems” DJ‐mix) Chicane 3:23
Saltwalter (the Thrillseekers Remix) Chicane 6:40
Saltwater Chicane feat. Máire Brennan 3:24
Saltwater Chicane 3:26

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