Masochist (US black metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Black Church Bells Ring 4:39
Black Church Bells Ring 3:56
Blasphemer 2:55
Bleed for Thy Sins 5:32
Bleed for Thy Sins 4:55
Countess Bathory 3:18
Deface the Nazarene 2:29
Eve of Anti-Creation 4:18
Eve of Anti-Creation 4:12
Feast of the Goat 5:09
Frost of the Diabolical Forest 3:16
Frost of the Diabolical Forest 3:33
Fuck Your God 3:43
Intro 1:45
Intro (Deliver Us Unto Temptation v.2) 2:29
Intro (Deliver Us Unto Temptation) 2:00
Intro (Irreligious Summoning) 1:24
Intro (The Blessing) 2:45
Intro / Feast of the Goat 5:28
Intro / Sucking the Tongue of... 3:09
Mistress of Deception (O.B.I.T.C.) 4:23
Outro 1:16
Outro 3:52
Outro 1:50
Outro (Cold Blaze of the Northern Winds) 0:48
Servants of Satan 4:03
Sucking the Tongue of the Ancient One 2:52
The Satanic Baptism 3:24
The Satanic Baptism 3:08
Thou Shall Not Mourn II 4:13
Trinity of the Whore... 4:03

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