Frank Beard (ZZ Top drummer)

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member of:American Blues
ZZ Top (from 1969 to present: percussion, drums (drum set))
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Apologies to Pearly
Sharp Dressed Man
1970(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your TreeRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:35
1970Bedroom ThangRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:37
1970Brown SugarRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top5:22
1970Certified BluesRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:27
1970Goin’ Down to MexicoRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:24
1970Just Got Back From Baby’sRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:10
1970Neighbor, NeighborRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:20
1970Old ManRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:26
1970SquankRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:48
1971 – 1972Apologies to Pearlydrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:39
1971 – 1972Francinedrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:34
1971 – 1972Ko Ko Bluedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:56
1971 – 1972Mushmouth Shoutin’drums (drum set)ZZ Top3:41
1971 – 1972Mushmouth Shoutin’percussionZZ Top3:41
1971 – 1972Sure Got Cold After the Rain Felldrums (drum set)ZZ Top7:39
1971 – 1972Whiskey’n Mamadrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:20
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (live)drums (drum set)ZZ Top5:21
36‐22‐36drums (drum set)ZZ Top2:35
2000 BluespercussionZZ Top4:45
2000 Bluesdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:45
A Fool for Your Stockingsdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:17
All I Saw Was Youdrums (drum set)American Blues3:45
Antenna HeadpercussionZZ Top4:43
Antenna Headdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:43
Backdoor Love AffairRube BeardmembranophoneZZ Top3:20
Backdoor Love AffairRube BeardpercussionZZ Top3:20
Backdoor Love AffairRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:20
Backdoor Medley: Backdoor Love Affair / Mellow Down Easy / Backdoor Love Affair No. 2 / Long Distance Boogie (live: The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, USA)drums (drum set)ZZ Top9:52
Balinesedrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:37
Bang Bangdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:29
Bar‐B‐Qdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:26
Beatboxdrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:48
Bedroom ThangRube BeardmembranophoneZZ Top4:40
Beer Drinkers & Hell RaisersRube Bearddrums (drum set) and percussionZZ Top3:25
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (live from Las Vegas)membranophoneZZ Top3:39
Belt Buckle (live)drums (drum set)ZZ Top4:05
Black Flydrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:33
Blue Jean Bluesdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:43
Breakawaydrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:57
BreakawaypercussionZZ Top4:57
Burger ManpercussionZZ Top3:20
Burger Mandrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:20
Can’t Stop Rockin’drums (drum set)ZZ Top3:04
Captain FiremembranophoneAmerican Blues3:18
Cheap Sunglassesdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:48
Cheap SunglassespercussionZZ Top4:48
Cheap Sunglasses (live from Paris)membranophoneZZ Top4:05
Cherry Reddrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:39
Cherry RedpercussionZZ Top4:39
Chevroletdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:21
Chocolate EgomembranophoneAmerican Blues3:06
Comin' Back HomemembranophoneAmerican Blues5:35
Concrete and SteelpercussionZZ Top3:49
Concrete and Steeldrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:49
Cover Your RigpercussionZZ Top5:49
Cover Your Rigdrums (drum set)ZZ Top5:49
Crucifixx‐A‐Flattdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:59
Deal Goin’ Downdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:06
Deal Goin’ DownpercussionZZ Top4:06
Decision or Collisiondrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:03
Decision or CollisionpercussionZZ Top4:03
Deliriousdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:41
Dipping Low (in the Lap of Luxury)drums (drum set)ZZ Top3:15
Donʼt Tease Medrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:24
DoublebackpercussionZZ Top3:57
Doublebackdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:57
Down Browniedrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:28
Dreadmonboogaloodrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:36
DreamsmembranophoneAmerican Blues2:52
Dust My Broomdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:09
Esther Be the Onedrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:31
Everythingdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:54
EverythingpercussionZZ Top3:54
Fearless Boogiedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:02
Francene (Spanish)membranophoneZZ Top2:57
Francine (7" version)membranophoneZZ Top2:57
Fugue for Lady Cheriffdrums (drum set)American Blues2:14
Fuzzbox Voodoodrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:43
Fuzzbox VoodoopercussionZZ Top4:43
Gimme All Your Lovin’drums (drum set)ZZ Top4:00
Gimme All Your Lovin’percussionZZ Top4:00
Gimme All Your Lovin’ (live from Houston)membranophoneZZ Top4:48
Girl in a T-Shirtdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:11
Girl in a T-ShirtpercussionZZ Top4:11
Give It Updrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:32
Give It UppercussionZZ Top3:32
Got Me Under Pressuredrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:02
Got Me Under PressurepercussionZZ Top4:02
Got Me Under Pressure (live from New York)membranophoneZZ Top4:20
Groovy Little Hippie Paddrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:45
Gun LovemembranophoneZZ Top3:42
Gun LovepercussionZZ Top3:42
Hairdresserdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:50
Have You Heard?Rube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:15
Heard It on the XpercussionZZ Top2:24
Heard It on the Xdrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:24
Heaven, Hell or Houstondrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:33
Hey Mr. Millionaire (live)drums (drum set)ZZ Top4:15
Hi Fi Mamadrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:25
Hi Fi Mamaalto saxophoneZZ Top2:25
Hot, Blue and RighteousRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:18
Hummbucking, Part 2drums (drum set)ZZ Top5:13
I Got the Messagedrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:30
I Thank Youdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:26
I Wanna Drive You Homedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:49
I’m Bad, I’m Nationwidedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:50
I’m Bad, I’m NationwidepercussionZZ Top4:50
I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide (live from Vancouver)membranophoneZZ Top4:45
If I Were a Carpenterdrums (drum set)American Blues5:26
It's Gonedrums (drum set)American Blues1:59
Itʼs So Harddrums (drum set)ZZ Top5:12
Jailhouse Rock (live, 1974-4: The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, USA)drums (drum set)ZZ Top1:56
Jesus Just Left ChicagoRube Bearddrums (drum set) and percussionZZ Top3:30
Jesus Just Left Chicago (live from Nashville)membranophoneZZ Top4:40
Just Got PaidpercussionZZ Top4:29
Just Got Paiddrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:29
Just Plain JanemembranophoneAmerican Blues2:33
Keep My Heart in a Ragedrums (drum set)American Blues2:40
Ko Ko Bluedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:33
La Grange (1987 remix)percussionZZ Top3:53
La Grange (1987 remix)membranophoneZZ Top3:53
La GrangeRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:52
La Grange (live from Dallas)membranophoneZZ Top5:48
Legs (dance‐enhancing version)percussionZZ Top4:32
Legs (dance‐enhancing version)membranophoneZZ Top4:32
Legs (live from Sao Paolo)membranophoneZZ Top5:14
Leiladrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:18
Lizard LifepercussionZZ Top5:10
Lizard Lifedrums (drum set)ZZ Top5:10
Loadeddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:48
Lovethingdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:26
LovethingpercussionZZ Top3:26
Lowdown in the Streetdrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:50
Made Into a Moviedrums (drum set)ZZ Top5:14
Manic Mechanicdrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:36
Master of SparksRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:33
Mellowdrums (drum set)American Blues2:07
Melted Like Snowdrums (drum set)American Blues3:16
Mercury Bluesdrums (drum set)American Blues4:15
Mexican Blackbirddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:06
Move Me On Down the LineRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:32
My Head’s in Mississippidrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:21
My Head’s in MississippipercussionZZ Top4:21
My Mind Is Gonedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:06
Nasty Dogs and Funky Kingsdrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:44
Nightmare of a Wise ManmembranophoneAmerican Blues3:20
Old ManRube BeardmembranophoneZZ Top3:27
Party on the Patiodrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:49
PCHpercussionZZ Top3:57
PCHdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:57
Pearl Necklacedrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:07
Pearl NecklacepercussionZZ Top4:07
Penthouse Eyesdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:47
Penthouse EyespercussionZZ Top3:47
Pincushiondrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:33
PincushionpercussionZZ Top4:33
Pincushion (live from Berlin)membranophoneZZ Top4:27
Planet of WomenpercussionZZ Top4:06
Planet of Womendrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:06
Poke Chop Sandwichdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:51
Precious and GraceRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:10
Prettyheaddrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:40
Rhythmeendrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:53
Rough Boydrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:52
Rough BoypercussionZZ Top4:52
Rough Boy (live from London)membranophoneZZ Top feat. Jeff Beck5:32
ShadymembranophoneAmerican Blues2:05
Sharp Dressed Mandrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:15
Sharp Dressed ManpercussionZZ Top4:15
Sharp Dressed Man (live from Los Angeles)membranophoneZZ Top4:42
She Loves My Automobiledrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:23
She Loves My Automobilealto saxophoneZZ Top2:23
She'll Be Minedrums (drum set)American Blues1:51
She’s Just Killing Medrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:57
ShiekRube Bearddrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:07
Sinpusher (live)drums (drum set)ZZ Top5:19
Sixteen Tons (live from London)membranophoneZZ Top feat. Jeff Beck3:18
Sleeping BagpercussionZZ Top4:05
Sleeping Bagdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:05
Softly to the SunmembranophoneAmerican Blues2:33
Stagesdrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:35
Sure Got Cold After the Rain Felldrums (drum set)ZZ Top7:21
Tell ItpercussionZZ Top4:49
Tell Itdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:49
Ten Foot Poledrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:24
Thunderbird (live: The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, USA)drums (drum set)ZZ Top4:10
Trippin’drums (drum set)ZZ Top3:55
Tube Snake BoogiepercussionZZ Top3:05
Tube Snake Boogiedrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:05
Tube Snake Boogie (live from Rome)membranophoneZZ Top3:29
Tush (1987 remix)percussionZZ Top2:17
Tushdrums (drum set)ZZ Top2:17
Tush (1987 remix)membranophoneZZ Top2:17
Tush (live from Chicago)membranophoneZZ Top3:42
Velcro Flydrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:33
Vincent Price Bluesdrums (drum set)ZZ Top6:04
Viva Las VegasmembranophoneZZ Top4:47
Viva Las VegaspercussionZZ Top4:47
Waitin’ for the BuspercussionZZ Top2:59
Waitin’ for the BusRube BeardmembranophoneZZ Top2:53
Waitin’ for the BusRube Bearddrums (drum set) and percussionZZ Top2:59
Waitin’ for the Bus (live from Nashville)membranophoneZZ Top3:00
What’s Up With Thatdrums (drum set)ZZ Top5:20
Woke Up With Wooddrums (drum set)ZZ Top3:50
Wonder ManmembranophoneAmerican Blues2:25
World of Swirldrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:09
World of SwirlpercussionZZ Top4:09
You Were So Close to MemembranophoneAmerican Blues3:24
Zipper Jobdrums (drum set)ZZ Top4:15
El LocomembranophoneZZ Top
El LocomembranophoneZZ Top
Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Topalto saxophone, membranophone and percussionZZ Top
Recyclermembranophone and percussionZZ Top
Sharp Dressed Man
Big Shiny NineZZ Top3:11
ChartreuseZZ Top2:57
ConsumptionZZ Top3:49
Flyin’ HighZZ Top4:18
Have a Little MercyZZ Top3:19
Heartache in BlueZZ Top4:09
I Don’t Wanna Lose, Lose, YouZZ Top4:22
I Gotsta Get PaidZZ Top4:03
It’s Too Easy MañanaZZ Top4:48
Over YouZZ Top4:30
ZZ Top: A Tribute From FriendsexecutiveVarious Artists
Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ TopZZ Top
2000 Blues
A Fool for Your Stockings
Antenna Head
Arrested for Driving While Blind
Avalon Hideaway
Bad Girl
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
Belt Buckle
Blue Jean Blues
Burger Man
Can’t Stop Rockin’
Certified BluesRube Beard
Cheap Sunglasses
Concrete and Steel
Cover Your Rig
Deal Goin’ Down
Decision or Collision
Dipping Low (in the Lap of Luxury)
Dirty Dog
Don’t Tease Me
El Diablo
Enjoy and Get It On
Esther Be the One
Fearless Boogie
Fuzzbox Voodoo
Gimme All Your Lovin’
Give It Up
Got Me Under Pressure
Groovy Little Hippie Pad
Gun Love
Heard It on the X
Heaven, Hell or Houston
Hey Mr. Millionaire
Hi Fi Mama
Hooked on Polkas
Hummbucking, Part 2
I Got the Message
I Got the Six
I Need You Tonight
I Wanna Drive You Home
I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
If I Could Only Flag Her Down
It’s Only Love
It’s So Hard
Jesus Just Left Chicago
Just Got Paid
Ko Ko Blue
La Grange
Lizard Life
Long Distance Boogie
Lowdown in the Street
Made Into a Movie
Manic Mechanic
Mexican Blackbird
My Head’s in Mississippi
Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
Old ManRube Beard
Pan Am Highway Blues
Party on the Patio
Pearl Necklace
Penthouse Eyes
Planet of Women
Poke Chop Sandwich
Precious and Grace
Rough Boy
She Loves My Automobile
She’s a Heartbreaker
She’s Just Killing Me
Sleeping Bag
Snappy Kakkie
Tell It
Ten Dollar Man
Ten Foot Pole
Tube Snake Boogie
TV Dinners
Velcro Fly
Vincent Price Blues
What It Is Kid
Whiskey’n Mama
Woke Up with Wood
Zipper Job