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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"Snoop" Dogg 'n' the Wax Snoop Dogg feat. Ice‐T ?:??
(Alotta Niggas) Ice‐T 0:58
(Haters) Ice‐T 0:45
(It's Goin' Down) Ice‐T 0:34
(Rap Is Fake) Ice‐T 0:45
(Real) Ice‐T 1:39
6 'n the Morning (Explicit LP version) Ice‐T 3:44
6 ’n the Mornin’ Ice‐T 7:14
6 Am in the Morning Ice‐T 5:01
6:00 AM Skinny feat. Ice‐T 1:35
7th Deadly Sin (intro) Ice‐T 2:42
99 Problems Ice‐T 4:50
99 Problems [Explicit] [feat. Brother Marquis] Ice‐T 4:50
409 Ice‐T 5:20
Addicted to Danger Ice‐T 3:27
Addicted to Danger Jan Akkerman & Ice‐T 4:12
Addicted to Danger (Nut Shop remix) Ice‐T 4:10
Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed Ice‐T 0:36
Always Wanted to Be a Ho Ice‐T 4:33
B. Back On The Block Ice‐T, Melle-Mel, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee and Tevin Campbell ?:??
Beat of Life DJ Tomekk feat. Ice‐T, Sandra Nasic, Trigga tha Gambla 5:39
Beat of Life DJ Tomekk feat. Ice‐T, Sandra Nasić & Trigga tha Gambla DEA810201193 4:14
Beat of Life DJ Tomekk feat. Ice‐T, Sandra Nasic, Trigga tha Gambla DEA810201193 3:46
Beat of Life DJ Tomekk feat. Ice-T, S. Nasic & Trigga tha Gambla 5:38
Big Gun Ice‐T 2 3:54
Bitches 2 Ice‐T USWB19903954 5 5:24
Black ’n’ Decker Ice‐T USWB10106897 1:16
Body Count Ice‐T USWB19903964 4 6:07
Body Count (radio edit) Ice‐T 6:09
Body Rock Ice‐T 5:36
Body Rock Ice‐T 5:41
Body Rock Ice‐T 5:42
Body Rock Ice‐T 5:36
Body Rock (bonus beats) Ice‐T 2:55
Body Rock (vocal mix) Ice‐T 6:04
Born to Raise Hell Motörhead feat. Ice-T and Whitfield Crane 4:59
Born to Raise Hell (Dust Brothers Live and Funky mix) Motörhead feat. Ice‐T and Whitfield Crane 3:52
Born to Raise Hell (radio edit) Motörhead feat. Ice‐T and Whitfield Crane 4:03
Bouncin Down the Strezeet (DJ Ace remix) Ice‐T 4:11
Bouncin' Down the Strezeet Ice‐T 3:51
Brother Marquis (interlude) Ice‐T 0:41
Celebrate Boo‐Yaa T.R.I.B.E. feat. Ice‐T, Frost, Ice Cube & King Tee 5:14
Check Your Game Ice‐T 5:39
Check Your Heart Ice‐T 4:48
Chevy 64 Tash feat. Black Silver, Ice‐T & Fedie Demarco 3:38
City of Angels aki-la feat. ICE‐T 4:54
CJ Mac (interlude) Ice‐T 0:46
Code of the Streets Ice‐T 4:48
Cold As Ever Ice‐T 4:40
Cold Wind Madness Ice‐T 5:47
Cold Wind-Madness (instrumental) Ice‐T 5:40
Cold Wind-Madness (Part 1) Ice “T” 6:20
Cold Wind-Madness (Part 2) Ice “T” 6:20
Cold Wind‐Madness (A.K.A. The Coldest Rap, Part 2) Ice‐T 5:48
Colors Ice‐T 5 4:26
Colors Ice‐T 3:59
Colors Ice‐T 2:39
Colors (12" extended version) Ice‐T 5:27
Colors (a cappella) Ice‐T 2:08
Colors (bonus beats) Ice‐T 2:05
Colors (instrumental) Ice‐T 4:24
Colors (radio version) Ice‐T 4:00
Combat Ice‐T ?:??
Come Into My Colours (part of “Mixflash & Dancewell” DJ‐mix) Joyce Sims & Ice‐T 3:16
Common Sense Ice‐T 5:28
Cramp Your Style Ice‐T 3:52
Cramp Your Style Ice‐T ?:??
Crime and Punishment Ice‐T 25:12
Dead End Insane Clown Posse feat. Ice-T US2X61101219 5:16
Dear God Can You Hear Me Ice‐T feat. Kryst 3:51
Dear Homie Ice‐T 3:55
Depths of Hell Ice‐T 5:14
Depths of Hell Ice‐T feat. Daddy Nitro 5:15
Derthe (Nora theme) Cheb Mami, Ice‐T & Steven Seagal 5:09
Dick Tracy Ice‐T 2:41
Dick Tracy (90's Mix) Ice‐T 5:31
Dick Tracy (bonus beats) Ice‐T 5:55
Dick Tracy (instrumental) Ice‐T 6:07
Dick Tracy (radio edit) Ice‐T 3:31
Dick Tracy (vocal version) Ice‐T 6:14
Disorder Slayer & Ice‐T 4:58
Dog 'n' The Wax Ice T 5:10
Dog ’n the Wax Ice‐T 5:15
Dog "N" The Wax Ice‐T 5:07
Dog'n the Wax Ice‐T 5:24
Dog'n the Wax (Ya Don't Quit-Part II) (Instrumental) Ice‐T ?:??
Don’t Hate the Playa Ice‐T 4:04
Drama Ice‐T 4:15
Drama (Hi-Tech remix) Ice‐T 6:00
Earl E-40 feat. Ice‐T 4:18
Ed Ice‐T USWB19903953 1:10
Escape From the Killing Fields Ice‐T USWB19903966 2:35
Escape From the Killing Fields Ice‐T 2:36
Escape From the Killing Fields Ice‐T 2:35
Escape From the Killing Fields (radio edit) Ice‐T 2:36
Everything Is Going to Be Alright Ice‐T feat. Smoothe da Hustler 4:18
Evil E - What About Sex? Ice‐T USWB19903958 0:46
Exodus Ice‐T 4:48
Exodus Ice‐T 4:45
Eye of the Storm Ice‐T 3:53

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