collaborator on: Add N to Fü(X)a
Alternative 3
members: Rob Allum
Barry 7
Steven Claydon
Ross Orton
Ann Shenton
Andrew Aveling (1996)
signed by: Blow Up Records (UK)
Satellite (UK electronic/experimental sub-label of Soul Jazz)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Add Insult to Injury Add N to (X)
Add Insult to Injury Add N to (X)
Avant Hard Add N to (X)
Avant Hard Add N to (X)
The Symphonies of Beethoven keyboard カヒミ・カリィ 4:47
What Are You Wearing? keyboard カヒミ・カリィ 5:36
Ann’s Eveready Equestrian Add N to (X) 4:08
Barry 7’s Contraption Add N to (X) 4:10
Buckminster Fuller Add N to (X) 3:36
Machine Is Bored With Love Add N to (X) 10:24
Metal Fingers in My Body Add N to (X) 5:13
Oh Yeah, Oh No Add N to (X) 7:00
Revenge of the Black Regent Add N to (X) 6:12
Robot New York Add N to (X) 4:12
Skills Add N to (X) 3:51
Steve’s Going to Teach Himself Who’s Boss Add N to (X) 3:06
[untitled] (Add N to (X) remix) Thurston Moore 2:56
Another Mellow Winter (Add'N to X remix) Mellow 8:45
Higher Than You (Add N To (X) remix) Gonzales 3:24
King Kong (Add N to (X)'s Submarine English Electric mix) Regular Fries 3:35
Side by Side (Add n To (X) mix) A Visible Boy ?:??
That’s Nice (Add N to X mix) Minty 4:14
The Symphonies of Beethoven (Add N to (X) remix) カヒミ・カリィ 5:52
Uri Geller Bent My Boyfriend (Add n To (X)) Saint Etienne 6:09
A Silhouette of a Man and a Wasp
A Very Uncomfortable Status
Aphine Repetition
Inevitable Fast Access
Meetings in Compact Boxes