Name ISRCs Rating Length
.-U Baby GBAJH0200300 1:41
A National Anthem for a Country Which Has Five Minutes to Exist 3:11
A Silhouette of a Man and a Wasp 7:05
A Very Uncomfortable Status (Mathematical) 8:00
A Very Uncomfortable Status (Wet Disco) 7:35
Adding N to X GBAJH0000287 2:39
All Night Lazy GBAJH0200302 4:18
All Night Lazy (2002-12-19: Peel Session) ?:??
Ann’s Eveready Equestrian GBAJH9800355 4:08
Aphine Repitition 8:48
B.P. Perino GBAJH0000296 6:51
Barry 7’s Contraption GBAJH9800347 4:10
Brothel Charge GBAJH0000288 3:02
Buckminster Fuller GBAJH9800351 3:36
Buckminster Fuller 5:19
Demon Seed 7:50
Electric Village GBAJH0200291 3:37
Fyuz GBAJH9800352 4:33
Gentle Germans 2:31
Grey Body, Green Gun 5:03
Hey Double Double 4:50
Hit for Cheese GBAJH0000294 3:05
Hit Me 6:00
Hit Me 5:50
Incinerator No. 1 GBAJH0000297 5:34
Incinerator No. 1 5:14
Inevitable Fast Access 6:16
Inevitable Fast Access (Sleeze) 5:46
Invasion of the Polaroid People GBAJH0200293 4:40
Iron Man 4:36
Is That Alright FYUZ GBAJH9900181 4:33
King Wasp 3:36
King Wasp 3:29
Kingdom of Shades GBAJH0000290 3:47
Large Number GBAJH0200301 3:19
Large Number (2002-12-19: Peel Session) ?:??
Lick a Battery (Tongues Across the Terminals) GBAJH0200299 3:08
Little Black Rocks in the Sun 11:22
Live Recording With a Dead Thurston / Merzbow - National Enhancer 1:35
Machine Is Bored With Love GBAJH9800357 10:24
MDMH (Miami Dust Mite Harvest) GBAJH0000295 4:25
Meetings in Compact Boxes 5:45
Metal Fingers in My Body GBAJH9800354 5:13
Metal Fingers in My Body 3:41
Monster Bobby GBAJH0000291 4:04
Murmur One 7:07
Murray’s Space Shoes (Plug Me In disco remix edit) 4:37
Nevermind 6:28
Oh Yeah, Oh No GBAJH9800356 7:00
Old Lady Ealing Does Man Experiments GBAJH9900180 3:55
On the Wires of Our Nerves 5:28
Orgy of Bubastus 5:16
P.P Machine 4:47
Party Bag GBAJH0200294 4:57
Pink Light GBAJH0200296 5:42
Planet Munich 2:04
Plug Me In GBAJH0000293 5:32
Plug Me In 3:38
Plug Me In 4:56
Plug Me In 3:37
Poke ’er ’ole GBAJH0000292 4:26
Quantum Leap GBAJH0200295 4:45
Revenge of the Black Regent GBAJH9800353 6:12
Revenge of the Black Regent (radio version) 4:05
Robot New York GBAJH9800348 4:12
Sheez Mine GBAJH0200292 3:47
Sir Ape 4:45
Sir Ape (2002-12-19: Peel Session) ?:??
Skills GBAJH9800349 3:51
Sound of Accelerating Concrete 4:02
Steve’s Going to Teach Himself Who’s Boss GBAJH9800350 3:06
Take Me to Your Leader GBAJH0200298 3:35
Take Me to Your Leader (video) 3:38
Take Me to Your Leader (single edit) 3:17
The Black Regent 6:58
The March of Pure Mathematical Evil That Ends and Results in War GBAJH9900179 6:02
The March of the Pure Mathematical Evil That Ends and Results in War (radio version) 5:01
The Monkey Skirt Marters 3:23
The Poker Roll 4:01
The Poker Roll (Bad Jack 'n' Patches remix) 6:41
The Poker Roll (Bugger All remix) 9:16
The Poker Roll (Bugger All remix) 4:28
The Poker Roll (extended) 4:02
The Poker Roll (extended) 5:01
The Regent Is Dead 9:51
The Regent Is Dead / Violent Breath GBAJH0000298 15:56
The Trees Are Dreamless Leafless Genious (edit) 5 4:02
This Is the Flex (Hi-Fi mix) GBAJH9900001 6:50
This Is the Flex (Lo-Fi mix) GBAJH9900002 6:28
Total All Out Water GBAJH0200290 3:50
Total All Out Water 3:19
Total All Out Water (2002-12-19: Peel Session) ?:??
Up the Punks GBAJH0200297 3:48
Voices 1 1:55
Voices 2 1:46
Voices 3 1:58
Wax Gravy 6:02
We Are Add N to (X) 2:14
White Scrapie 6:43
You Must Create GBAJH0000289 4:05

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