Doug MacLeod

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Rosa Lee 3:20
Run With the Devil 5:22
Run With the Devil 5:06
Runnin' With Carey 3:32
Saint Louis on My Mind 5:10
She Boogy'n 3:58
Since I Left St Louis 3:38
Sometimes I Wonder 4:10
Somewhere, Somehow, Someway 2:46
SRV (For Stevie Ray) 4:05
St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool 4:08
Strip-Ed Bone 4:09
Sweet Bakin' 5:14
Sweet Ride 4:05
Take Your Leave of Me Lady 4:28
Talking With Strangers 4:27
The Devil Is Beating His Wife 5:04
The Devil Is Beating His Wife 5:04
The Entitled Few 4:37
The Last Blues Song Ever Wrote 0:31
The Leavin’ Road 4:09
The Long Black Train 6:12
The New Panama Limited 10:49
The Night of the Devil's Road 5:59
The Sun Shine Down My Way 5:37
The Up Song 3:55
Things'll Be Better, You'll See 4:59
This Road I'm Walking 4:23
This Road I’m Walking 4:22
Time for a Change 6:13
Too Little Too Late 5:12
Travel On 3:35
Turkey Leg Woman 5:04
Unlonely 6:16
Unmarked Road 4:18
Walkin' My Way Back to You 4:24
Walkin' While I Bleed 5:04
What the Blues Means to Me 3:06
When I Left Missouri 3:24
Who’s Driving This Bus? 4:47
Whose Truth, Whose Lies? 4:16
Winter Must Be Fallin' 4:57
You Can't Take My Blues 5:05
You Won’t Find Me 4:25
You're Gonna Get What You Deserve 2:29
Your Bread Ain't Done 3:41

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