The Moors (goth-pagan-trance rock)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle ~ trad. Gaelic) 9:18
An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle) 9:19
An Frideag Arigid (The Silver Whistle, Trad. Gaelic) 9:17
Belen-Gaard 8:51
Belen-Gaard 8:55
Belen-Gaard 8:52
Belen-Gaard 8:52
Dea Noctu (The Goddess by Night) 10:39
Dea Noctu (The Goddess By Night) 10:40
Dve Nevesti 1:13
Dve Nevesti 1:13
Dve Nevesti (trad. Bulgarian) 1:12
Guth na Torainn 5:02
Guth na Torainn (The Voice of Thunder) 6:58
Guth Na Torainn (The Voice of Thunder) 6:54
Guth Na Torainn (The Voice Of Thunder) 6:58
Moon Meditation and Prayer 8:16
Moon Meditation And Prayer (Rioghainn Na H-Oidhch: Queen Of The Night) 8:17
The Blessing and Descent of the Goddess Bridget 3:25
The Blessing And Descent Of The Goddess Bridget (Beannachadh Agus Sloinntearachd Na Brighid) 3:25
The Hunter / Cernunnos (Invocation of the Antlered God) 8:59
The Hunter / Cernunnos (Invocation Of The Antlered God) 9:00
The Snake That Coils Within, Without 10:47
The Snake That Coils Within, Without 10:47

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