members: Sebastian Komor
Andy LaPlegua
Christian Lund (Norwegian music, NorthBorne and Icon of Coil)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Brighter Day (v1.0) Icon of Coil 4:42
Former Self (radio edit) Icon of Coil 3:53
Former Self (v1.0) Icon of Coil 4:37
Undertow (Dead Star Mix by Icon of Coil) additional Count to Infinity 5:27
We Need (club version) Icon of Coil 9:09
Android Icon of Coil 4:28
Android (mix by Combichrist) Icon of Coil 4:18
Android (Non-Human mix by Moonitor) Icon of Coil 7:08
Headhunter (exclusive single version) additional Icon of Coil 6:10
Starsign Apoptygma Berzerk 5:36
Devil (Icon of Coil remix) Gothminister 6:11
Document (LaPlegua mix by Icon of Coil) Assemblage 23 5:29
Genesis (Icon of Coil version) VNV Nation 7:45
Heart-Shaped Tumor (Icon of Coil remix) De/Vision 5:39
Lorelei (Icon of Coil remix) Theatre of Tragedy 5:45
Perfect Sunrise (Waveform mix by Icon Of Coil) Stromkern 6:31
Piranha Advancement (Helt Konge mix) Goteki 6:33
Sanctuary (Icon of Coil Capricorn edit) Psyche 5:13
Skulk (Skulkete Graebbi mix by Icon of Coil) Echo !mage 6:40
Twilight World (Icon of Coil mix) Aïboforcen 8:10
Twilight World (Icon of Coil remix) Aïboforcen 4:11
Undertow (Dead Star Mix by Icon of Coil) Count to Infinity 5:27