Anthony Coleman (American jazz pianist)

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member of: Sephardic Tinge
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1987 Below 14th Street | Above 125th Street
A Hurtful Angle
By Night
Diminishing Returns
Disco by Night
Jevrejski by Night
The Buzzing in My Head
Trend Man
A dot, a Line keyboard David Moss 3:11
A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste piano Marc Ribot 1:18
Acanthopis Antarcticus sampler John Zorn 4:04
Aelita Suite III organ Marc Ribot 6:55
Boomslang sampler John Zorn 11:11
Botticelli Niblets keyboard David Moss 4:01
Brief Seduction piano Frank London 0:51
Buffalo Blues (Mr. Joe) piano Anthony Coleman 3:41
By Night piano Anthony Coleman 13:41
Collision Course keyboard David Moss 2:07
Collision, Of Course keyboard David Moss 2:51
Delilah keyboard David Moss 3:21
Diminishing Returns piano Carol Emanuel 4:05
Disco by Night piano and sampler Anthony Coleman 4:34
Dissonance keyboard Glenn Branca 11:38
Double Broke Back Blues keyboard David Moss 2:36
Dresser piano Frank London 2:44
Evil California synthesizer Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet with Iggy Pop & Anthony Coleman 3:49
Evil California Clavinet Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet with Iggy Pop & Anthony Coleman 3:49
Fickle Fay Creep (Soap Suds) piano Anthony Coleman 5:08
Fils des etoiles celesta John Zorn 2:16
Frances (Fat Frances) piano Anthony Coleman 3:22
Freakish piano Anthony Coleman 3:40
Freakish (version Two) piano Anthony Coleman 4:21
Friendly Ghosts keyboard Marc Ribot 5:23
Frog-I-More piano Anthony Coleman 5:22
Gevurah piano John Zorn 6:56
Have a Nice Day keyboard Marc Ribot 3:46
Hemachatus Haemachatus sampler John Zorn 2:15
Illusion of the Groove keyboard David Moss 2:58
In Bed piano Frank London 1:17
Invisible Cities keyboard David Moss 4:51
Jevrejski by Night piano Anthony Coleman 4:34
Kandinsky Decisions keyboard David Moss 7:44
King Porter Stomp piano Anthony Coleman 6:25
Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar organ Glenn Branca 8:14
Lounge piano Frank London 0:37
Mahshav piano John Zorn 4:34
Mama's Got a Baby piano Anthony Coleman 4:05
Mamanita piano Anthony Coleman 4:44
Many-banded Krait sampler John Zorn 11:02
Mishpatim piano John Zorn 6:47
Mo'ed piano John Zorn 4:59
Montage 1 (with excerpt From "Underground Man") organ The Jazz Passengers 2:14
Mood Indigo sampler Marc Ribot 4:41
Moods piano Frank London 0:56
Mr. Jelly Lord piano Anthony Coleman 4:03
Naja Naja Atra sampler John Zorn 8:43
Nature Abhors a Vacuum Cleaner organ Marc Ribot 4:35
Outrigger keyboard David Moss 1:37
Pretty Lil piano Anthony Coleman 3:57
Shadows piano Doug Wieselman 3:09
Shortly After Takeoff keyboard Marc Ribot 4:13
Society of Niches keyboard David Moss 4:11
SooKi's Lullaby guest and musical box [celeste music box] John Zorn 3:17
Swingers Theme piano Frank London 2:55
Tahah piano Professionales 3:47
Texture Time keyboard David Moss 3:20
The Big Gundown harpsichord, organ and piano John Zorn 7:27
The Crave piano Anthony Coleman 3:29
The Pearls piano Anthony Coleman 6:03
The Wind Cries Mary keyboard Marc Ribot 5:04
Theme F piano Doug Wieselman 2:12
Theme: Reprise piano Frank London 2:48
Those Were the Days keyboard David Moss 2:02
To the Club piano Frank London 0:21
Trend Man sampler Anthony Coleman 4:51
Understanding Gravity keyboard David Moss 4:04
What Happens with Thunder keyboard David Moss 4:13
Yechida piano John Zorn 8:25
Scelsi Morning organ Marc Ribot
Scelsi Morning organ, piano, sampler and trombone Marc Ribot
"Wie Sieben Meilen Miesen Dirach" Zeena Parkins 1:40
a. Benya Krik b. Zero Hour Zeena Parkins 6:52
a. Dough b. Weaponistic Charms c. Italyid Zeena Parkins 8:24
Betrayer Zeena Parkins 3:38
Chase Zeena Parkins 2:17
Hod Zeena Parkins 3:08
No Thing Zeena Parkins 2:43
Simcha Zeena Parkins 3:44
Torrid Zone Zeena Parkins 4:38
The Coming Great Millenium... Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman
(If I Were a) Drum Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 2:52
Ben Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 3:24
Blues Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 4:42
Devotional Song #1 Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 6:42
Ija Mia Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 2:56
Ija Mia 2 Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 3:23
L'Amore Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 6:44
Mr. Pig Gets a Balloon Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 2:39
Rumble Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 3:37
Soprano Ballad Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman 3:27
Disco by Night Anthony Coleman
The Big Gundown John Zorn 7:27