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Date Title
A Hero with No Name (Sandor's Theme)
A Wise Tail
Adventuring/Town Exploration 1
Adventuring/Town Exploration 2
Adventuring/Town Exploration 3
AI - Necromancer
AI - Stronghold
AI Theme - Fortress
AI Theme - Renegade
AI Theme I
AI Theme II
AI Theme III
Alvar, Plane of Earth, Prison of the Lord of Air
Anticipation of Flame
Archibald's Theme
Arena, Prison of the Lord of Fire
Arena, The Lincoln
Autumn Is Coming
AvLee, Harmondale, Tatalia
Balthazar's Lair, Shadowspire
Barrow Downs, Eeofol
Battle - Academy
Battle - Dungeon
Battle - Haven
Battle - Haven (alternate)
Battle - Inferno
Battle - Inferno (alternate)
Battle - Necropolis
Battle - Neutral
Battle - Sylvan
Battle Defeat
Battle I
Battle I
Battle II
Battle II
Battle III
Battle III
Battle IV
Battle Retreat
Battle Surrender
Battle V
Battle VI
Battle Victory
Blood and Tears (Main Theme of Heroes VI)
Bracada Desert, Deyja
Call of the Triumvirate
Campaign - Dungeon
Campaign - Fortress
Campaign - Haven
Campaign - Necromancer
Campaign - Stronghold
Campaign - Wizard
Campaign Defeat
Campaign Theme - Armageddon's Blade
Campaign Theme - Dragon Slayer
Campaign Theme - Dragon's Blood
Campaign Theme - Festival of Life
Campaign Theme - Foolhardy Waywardness
Campaign Theme - Playing With Fire
Campaign Theme I
Campaign Theme II
Campaign Theme III
Campaign Theme IV
Campaign Theme IX
Campaign Theme V
Campaign Theme VI
Campaign Theme VII
Campaign Theme VIII
Campaign Theme X
Campaign Theme XI
Castle Harmondale, Stone City
Castle Stronghold
Castle Theme, Title Screen
City Theme - Academy
City Theme - Dungeon
City Theme - Haven
City Theme - Inferno
City Theme - Necropolis
City Theme - Sylvan
Combat - Fortress
Combat - Inferno
Combat - Necromancer
Combat - Renegade
Combat - Stronghold
Combat - Wizard
Combat – Lose
Combat – Start
Combat – Win
Combat I
Combat II
Combat III
Combat IV
Credit Theme
Dagger Wound Island, Castle of Air
Dark Theme (The Pit, Castle Gloaming)
Dreams of Shadows and Fear
Dungeon Exploration 1
Dungeon Exploration 2
Dungeon Exploration 3
Dungeon Exploration 4
Dungeon Exploration 5
Dungeon Theme
Emerald Island
End Turn
Environment - Taïga
Escaton's Crystal
Eternity's Prison
Evenmorn Island
Evil Theme
Exploration - Attribute Gain
Exploration - Demon Cave
Exploration - Desert Tent
Exploration - Lighthouse
Exploration - Magic Well, Oracle
Exploration - Observation Tower, Graveyard
Exploration - Pyramid
Exploration - Skill / Exp Gain
Exploration - Wagon, Magic Garden
Exploration I
Exploration II
Exploration III
Exploration IV
Exploration V
Exploring the Temple of Baa
Fighting the Waves (Irina's Theme)
Flight of the Griffin (Theme of the Griffin Dynasty)
Floating Across Water
Further Exploring the Temple of Baa
Garrote Gorge, Ironsand Desert, Castle of Fire
Ghost Mode
Ghosts of the Past (Slava's Theme)
Good Theme
Hero Defeat
Hero Victory
Heroes - Arantir
Heroes - Biara
Heroes - Duncan
Heroes - Freyda
Heroes - Gotaï
Heroes - Kujin
Heroes - Ornella
Heroes - Rolf
Heroes - Shadwyn Ylaya
Heroes - Wulfstan
Heroes - Zehir
HOMMV - AI - Academy
HOMMV - AI - Dungeon
HOMMV - AI - Haven
HOMMV - AI - Inferno
HOMMV - AI - Necropolis
HOMMV - AI - Sylvan
HOMMV - Campaign - Academy
HOMMV - Campaign - Dungeon
HOMMV - Campaign - Haven
HOMMV - Campaign - Inferno
HOMMV - Campaign - Necropolis
HOMMV - Campaign - Sylvan
Hope for Green Falls (Haven Theme)
In the Dominion of Air
Infernus Stamatus (Inferno Theme) (Bonus Track)
Journey Through Fury and Fire
Leprechaun Loop
Light Theme (Celeste, Castle Lambent)
Main Menu
Main Menu
Main Theme
Main Theme
Main Theme
Main Theme
March of the Diaku
Meldrath's Symphony of Perpetuity
Mithaniel's March
Moonlit Journey/Main Titles
Moonlit Snow Journey
Mount Nighton
Murmurwoods, Temple of the Sun
Mystos Mountains (Necropolis Theme)
Neutral Theme
On the Rainkeeper's Trail
Piano Concerto for a Hero No. 1 in Ahab's Minor (Credits Theme)
Plane Between Planes
Plane of Water
Prison of the Lord of Water
Puzzle Map
Ravenshore, Plane of Air
Regna Isle, Plane of Fire, Prison of the Lord of Earth
Reign of Decay
Requiem for a King (Plains Theme)
Roland's Theme
Scenario Defeat
Scenario Victory
Scenario Victory
Searching for a Dream
Secret Theme
Siege - Fortress
Siege - Necromancer
Siege - Renegade
Siege - Stronghold
Siege Defeat
Siege Victory
Songs of Innocence and Experience (Kiril's Theme)
Sorrow's Song
Stronghold Theme
Stronghold Town Recruit
Stronghold Town Tavern
Sunlit Snow Journey
Temple Theme
Terrain - Desert
Terrain - Dirt
Terrain - Dirt
Terrain - Dirt
Terrain - Grass
Terrain - Grass
Terrain - Grass
Terrain - Lava
Terrain - Lava
Terrain - Lava
Terrain - Ocean
Terrain - Rough
Terrain - Rough
Terrain - Sand
Terrain - Sand
Terrain - Snow
Terrain - Snow
Terrain - Swamp
Terrain - Swamp
Terrain - Swamp
Terrain - Underground
Terrain - Underground
Terrain - Wasteland
Terrain - Water
Terrain - Water
The Abyss
The Academy of Honor
The Alchemy of Grief (Anastasya's Theme)
The Barrows
The Elven Coronation (Sylvan Theme)
The Flower of the North (Sveltana's Theme)
The Fortune Keep (Battle Theme)
The Gathering Storm
The Haven
The Hive
The Journeyman's Encounter (Stronghold Theme)
The Last Battle
The Mountain Song
The Path to Drunder
The Prayer
The Preserve
The Swell of Sand and Stone
The Vale of Heresh
The Wizard's Waltz (Academy Theme)
Theme From EverQuest
Three Facets of New Tanaan
Through the Glassy Wastes
Tinkering With the Dwarves (AI Turn Theme)
Title Screen
Tomb of VARN
Town - Barbarian
Town - Barbarian (expansion)
Town - Castle
Town - Conflux
Town - Dungeon
Town - Fortress
Town - Fortress
Town - Inferno
Town - Knight
Town - Knight (expansion)
Town - Necromancer
Town - Necromancer (expansion)
Town - Necropolis
Town - Rampart
Town - Renegade
Town - Sorceress
Town - Sorceress (expansion)
Town - Sorceress (gold edition)
Town - Stronghold
Town - Tower
Town - Warlock
Town - Warlock (expansion)
Town - Wizard
Town - Wizard (expansion)
Town Theme - Stronghold
Tranquil Beginnings
Tularean Forest
Ultimate Defeat
Wasp Nest, Pirate Stronghold
What's In a Name (Anton's Theme)
While Karana Sleeps
Winds of War Theme