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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
I-TIM Tour Compilation 2002 Various Artists 2×CD 15 + 16 Hit Mania 8029901010019
Revenge - The Triumph of... Tribute to Manowar Various Artists CD 15 Steelborn Records SB CD - 003 8031380000108
Let's Hear It for the Boy, Volume 2 Various Artists 2×CD 12 + 12 Atlantis (Italian house/trance/hardcore) ATL 017-2 8032484001213
Disco Inferno Various Artists 2×CD 20 + 20 Warner Strategic Marketing Italy 092748214-2 809274821423
Acid Jazz, Volume 65 Various Artists CD 14 New Sounds 2000 (Italian publisher of monthly magazines with cd compilations, notably "Acid Jazz")
All the Hits 2002 Various Artists CD 18
All the Hits Now 2002 Italia Various Artists Cassette 19
All the Hits Now 2002 Italia Various Artists CD 19 Virgin Music Italy 7243 811852 3
Altro Mondo Compilation Summer 2002 Various Artists CD 16 Do It Yourself Entertainment DO IT PRO 07-02
Baby Party Various Artists CD 22
Ballate e Madrigali al tempo dela Signoria di Paolo Guinigi (sec. XV) (Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua & Concentus Lucensis feat. conductor: Stefano Albarello) Various Artists CD 15 Tactus (Italy) 400002
Blut Und Eisen, Volume 2 Various Artists CD-R 17 Third Reich Production T.R.P. 007
Bossa 'n' Go, Le Deuxieme Cocktail Various Artists CD 13
Canzoni per te: Dedicato a Sergio Endrigo Various Artists CD 22 Ala bianca IDDCT128553870-2
Cargo Hard Tech 2 Various Artists 2×CD 14 + 14 Cool D:vision CLD CD 012/02
Deejay Parade Estate 2002 Various Artists 2×CD 18 + 18 Time Records (Italian dance) TIME 315 CDDP
Defend the Palace Various Artists CD 22 Palace of Worms PO14W-2
Encoder (Neurobiotics Records 2003) Various Artists CD 9 Neurobiotic Records NBR CD 005
Fast Forward Various Artists CD 9 Neurobiotic Records NBR CD 003
Hit Mania Dance Champions 2002 Various Artists CD 20 The Universal Music Record Label
Hot Summer 2002, Volume 2 Various Artists CD 14
Il calcio è una cosa seria Various Artists (unknown) 9 Valium Records
Italodisco Dance Collection, Volume 5 Various Artists CD 12 De Agostini DAN05-2
La Douce Party: 5th Anniversary Various Artists CD 18 Irma Records 503085-2
La notte della taranta 2002 Various Artists (unknown) 8
Living in the Ice Age: An Introduction to Psychedelic Beat Various Artists CD 13
Mission Three: Establishing Electronix Network Various Artists CD 14
Music From Amnèsia Various Artists CD 17 EDEL Italia
Nu Jazz Meets Brazil: The Dom Um Romão Remix Project Various Artists CD 13 Irma Records IRMA 508267-2
One Shot Disco, Volume 5 Various Artists 2×CD 14 + 14 Universal (plain logo: "Universal") 583 648-2
One Shot Easy, Volume 3 Various Artists CD 18 Universal Music Italia s.r.l (not for release label use! IT subsidiary of UMG)
One Year Later... It Still Hurts - Queers Against G8 Various Artists CD 13 [no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
Pizziche Salentine, Volume 2 Various Artists (unknown) 8
Revue OU Various Artists 4×CD 22 + 14 + 12 + 16 Alga Marghen 15vocson045.1
Senza che nessuno ci consenta Various Artists CD 23
Spot Collection Summer 2002 Various Artists (unknown) 20
Sushi Bar 2002, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 19 EMI Music Italy (main imprint of EMI Music Italy S.p.A./EMI Music Italy S.r.l.) 5414672
The Best of Discomusic Various Artists CD 14
The Jazz House Independent 3rd Issue Various Artists CD 12 Irma Records IRMA 506248-2
Top of the Year 2002 Various Artists 2×(unknown) 16 + 16
Trance Generation, Volume 6 Various Artists 2×CD 20 + 20 Progressive Force PF 02 CD
Bondage Various Artists (unknown) 15 VP Records
Glue Various Artists CD 17 VP Records
Kings of Zion Various Artists CD 16 Charm CRCD3083
The Flip Various Artists CD 12 VP Records
Inner Mind Music Various Artists CD-R 3 Alchemy Records (Japanese noise/progressive/psychedelic rock label) ARCDR-001 [none]
Gainsbourg: Made in Japan Various Artists CD 10 3596971750527
From the Bunker: A Rotters Golf Club Mix Various Artists CD 17 Beat Records (Japanese electronic label often re-releasing Western artists albums for the Japanese market) BRC-66 4523132112664
Night, Failling Jazz for Long Evenings Various Artists CD 11 UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN (read the annotation before using!) DCT-977 4524785040144
ママと一緒・・・ あそび歌いっぱい Various Artists CD 20 KS CREATE INC. KCF-212 4527384002544
ママと一緒・・・おべんきょうのうたいっぱい Various Artists CD 20 KS CREATE INC. KCF-214 4527384002568
Resident Evil Various Artists CD 20 Roadrunner Records RRCY-21165 4527583003533
Future Standard Adventure Wave 2002 Various Artists CD 15 Vroom Sound Records VRCD-3323 4540399033235
Cherry Red for Café Après-Midi Various Artists CD 26 Cherry Red Records VICP-61760 4988002428250
[untitled] Various Artists 12" Vinyl 4 intercord japan PRT-8522
ACE OF ACES Various Artists CD 11 Chiyoda DJ Union CDU-03
Alice Sound Box ~Character Festival 2002~ Various Artists (unknown) 14
Aquarian Age the Movie OST Various Artists (unknown) 35
Azumanga Daioh: Movie Soundtrack Various Artists CD 10 Lantis LACA-5094
Beikoku Ongaku 20: Shabooom! Various Artists CD 18 Beikoku Ongaku BDBO-E0020
Beikoku Ongaku 21: Athela’s Check Various Artists CD 19 Beikoku Ongaku BEON-21
Control Data Various Artists CD-R 13 A-10 Records (w/ releases from Cycheouts Ghost) A10CD-005
Creation Various Artists CD 10 ELF Music (Japanese trance label) ELFCD 001
Definitive Modern Jazz Collection Various Artists 4×CD 10 + 12 + 15 + 22 Blue Note GSD-9601, GSD-9602, GSD-9603, GSD-9604
Family Ascension Various Artists CD 10 Risk System RSD-001
Force Various Artists CD 10 Shiva Space Japan SSJ 001
Forma. 1.02 Various Artists CD 11 PROGRESSIVE FOrM PFCD03
Hotaka Mountain Festival '01 '02 Various Artists 2×CD 8 + 8 UNIVERSAL J ISCP-1008
It's Amazing: The Glorious Female Gospel 1947-1952 Various Artists (unknown) 28
Let's I Love You Various Artists CD 17 ROMZ rmz-003
Look Up Various Artists CD 14 GFK Records (from Japan, cat: GFKCD-*) GFKCD-001
Pools of Notes in Various Forms Various Artists CD 14
Russian Connection Various Artists CD 8 Panorama Records PAN-0006
The Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Various Artists CD 20
The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven Various Artists CD 16 P‐VINE RECORDS PCD-22029
The Time of Our Lives Various Artists CD 18 東芝EMI 株式会社 (record company, do not use as release label - check obi, back or disc for imprint! Ended 2007-06-29) TOCP-66075
Tribute to MASAMI 汚れなき豚友達へ!! Various Artists 2×CD 11 + 12 S.Y.A.P. SYAP-1, SYAP-2
True Trance Karmachanic's (disc 1) Various Artists (unknown) 9
Wire 02 Compilation Various Artists 2×CD 11 + 11 LOOPA (Japanese imprint managed by Ki/oon Records Inc.) LPA 032 CD
サイケアウツ vs beauty:burst サイケアウツ vs beauty:burst CD-R 8 beauty:burst [none]
サンポーノレ Various Artists CD 13 Hakke Shoukai SCD-003
ハイパースペース Various Artists CD-R 7 beauty:burst [none]
大洋油田 Various Artists CD 10 Hakke Shoukai SCD-002
A Touch of Latvian Folk Music Various Artists CD 14 Upe UPE CD 037 4750404003621
Riga Records Various Artists Cassette 19 Laula LACC-67 4750572000927
Latvijas punk/hc Various Artists CD 22 HUBB HUBB004
Quattro Full Flavour: European Top Hits 2002 Various Artists CD 13
Quattro Ultra Lights: Labākās latviešu mīlas dziesmas Various Artists CD 12
Auksinė kolekcija 1. Senos dainos Geros dainos Various Artists CD 15
Gyvenk savaip Various Artists CD 14 BBCD159
Hip-Hop klanaz Various Artists CD 14 Garsų pasaulio įrašai
Ultimatumas 2 Various Artists CD 18 Gatvės Lyga
Big Brother VIP Various Artists CD 19 Universal Music México, S.A. de C.V. 069 233-2 044006923321
Michoacán: sones de Tierra Caliente (8ª edición) Various Artists CD 16 CONACULTA, Ediciones Pentagrama, INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (México)) 602934007355
Sones de México: Antología (6ª edición) Various Artists CD 10 CONACULTA, Ediciones Pentagrama, INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (México)) 602934007430
In Xóchitl in cuícatl: Cantos de la tradición náhuatl de Morelos y Guerrero (4ª edición) Various Artists CD 13 CONACULTA, Ediciones Pentagrama, INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (México)) 602934007515
Soy el negro de la costa… Música y poesía afromestiza de la Costa Chica (2ª edición) Various Artists CD 11 CONACULTA, Ediciones Pentagrama, INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (México)) 602934007614
Atención pongan señores… El corrido afromexicano de la Costa Chica Various Artists CD 11 CONACULTA 38 602934007669
Y tu mamá también Various Artists CD 14 Suave, Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries) 724353378424 724353378424
RCA: 100 años de música, segunda parte: Grandes baladas de los 60s Various Artists 2×CD 20 + 20 RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or 'RCA' with lightning bolt in circle) 743219787224

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