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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Binoculars T-Polar 4:34
Bow To The Butter Blaster T-Polar 6:03
City Lights T-Polar 6:09
Crab People (part of a “Fabric 53: Surgeon” DJ‐mix) T-Polar 2:23
Crossroads T-Polar 3:53
Dance of the Stubby Tusk T-Polar 6:56
Dave Zodiac T-Polar 5:09
Doah T-Polar 4:16
Frupessional Steppa T-Polar 6:12
Global Animal Dub T-Polar 7:00
I Got Time T-Polar 5:28
Music for Citadels T-Polar 6:52
One for the Chili Earls TPolar Presents Sidney Crawford 5:19
Procession T-Polar 3:26
Red Machine T-Polar 8:02
Satellites T-Polar 6:16
Saturn Sisters T-Polar 6:00
Sidewalk T-Polar 5:41
Six of Stealths T-Polar 5:31
Slugs T-Polar 4:58
Stepford Depot T-Polar 3:56
Stepwhan T-Polar 5:22
Stuck In The J Hole T-Polar 5:26
Summer Daize T-Polar 5:17
Swomp House T-Polar 6:07
The Boppers Union T-Polar 5:12
The Earl Of Jacks T-Polar 7:05
The Way You Comb Your Hair T-Polar 4:44
Tonal Soul T-Polar 5:39
Travellers T-Polar 6:56
Tunnatural T-Polar 7:00
Wracket Shield Fleet T-Polar 7:19
Wurms T-Polar 6:16

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