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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Dying Dream Infestus 4:45
Akoasma Infestus 3:49
Animus Impurus Infestus 5:19
Black Fire Infestus 5:19
Chapter I; Into Unexistence Infestus 2:46
Chapter II; Disunion Infestus 7:22
Chapter III; Exitus Infestus 1:34
Constant Soul Corrosion Infestus 8:38
Cortical Spreading Darkness Infestus 9:11
Darkness Blazing in the Flame of Fire Infestus 8:48
De profundis ego te advoco Infestus 7:42
Der Blick Hinaus Infestus 8:15
Des Untergangs Untertan Infestus 7:22
Des Untergangs Untertan Infestus 7:08
Descend Direction Void Infestus 9:37
Devouring Darkness Infestus 7:42
Down Spiral Depersonification Infestus 8:05
Entering Eternal Oblivion Infestus 7:07
Entering Eternal Oblivion Infestus 9:27
Entfesselt - Der Todestrieb Infestus 8:12
Entfesselt - Der Todestrieb Infestus 0:04
Fractal Rise of the Fall Infestus 2:34
In Darkness You Shall Follow Infestus 5:38
In Darkness You Shall Follow Infestus 5:37
Innere Reflexion Infestus 7:53
Intro Infestus 0:16
Journey to Death Infestus 6:33
Manifesto Invidiae Infestus 9:27
Manifesto Invidiae Infestus 8:12
Mirror Mind Reality Infestus 9:22
Moral Abyss Infestus 4:58
Northern Fortress Infestus 4:56
Of Ancient Splendour Infestus 4:13
Origin Infestus 6:14
Ready to Leave Infestus 5:14
Ready To Leave Infestus 1:34
Spiegel der seele Infestus 7:16
Sterbend Infestus 2:45
Sterbend Infestus 7:07
The Chalice of Damnation Infestus 5:39
The Final Chapter Infestus 5:14
The Song Ross McHenry, Biel Nascimbeni, Myele Manzanza, Jakob Schneidewind, Katy B & Infestus 3:02
Torn Observer Infestus 3:53
Will to Devotion Infestus 7:46
Willinglessly Anticipating Death Infestus 7:08
Willinglessly Anticipating Death Infestus 0:04

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