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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Are You Experienced? The 360's ?:??
Are You Experienced? 360's 3:25
Dead 1970 The 360's 2:34
Death Defies Me 360's 2:22
Dig USA 360's 1:50
Dig USA 360's 1:50
Din Kids 360's 2:49
Dragged 360's 2:33
G.L.O.B. The 360's 2:21
Hang it Up The 360's 2:19
He Sold Soul The 360's 3:19
Illuminated The 360's ?:??
King o' Cats The 360's 3:40
Long Gone The 360's 3:03
Murder for Love The 360's 2:51
Nitetime Angel Candy 360's 10:44
Riverwitch 360's 3:08
Song X The 360's 2:56
Speak Through Water The 360's 5:19
Spoonful (Strawberry Stone) 360's 3:42
Step Outside The 360's 3:42
Strangest Day (Mind Explosion) 360's 3:55
Strangest Day (Mind Explosion) 360's 3:55
Supernatural The 360's 2:40
Texas The 360's ?:??
Texas 360's 2:44
Tripping With The Angels 360's 3:41
Way Down 360's 4:16
When I'm High 360's 3:03
When I'm High 360's 3:03
Wind Is Green 360's 4:53

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