The Gyres

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BreakThe Gyres7" Vinyl2
  • GB1996-01-22
Sugar (90s UK-based label)SUGA7V5024545017373
Pop CopThe GyresCD3
  • GB1996-04-01
Sugar (90s UK-based label)SUGA9CD5021904032329
Are You Ready?The GyresCD3
  • GB1996-06-24
Sugar (90s UK-based label)SUGA 11CD5021904043929
SlyThe GyresCD3
  • GB1997-07-07
Sugar (90s UK-based label)SUGA17CD5021904076521
FirstThe GyresCD14
  • JP1997-07-21
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, use “BMG Rights Management”)BVCP-6056
FirstThe GyresCD11