Georges Cziffra (pianist)

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Birthname: György Cziffra

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1976Quatre Rhapsodies hongroisesFranz Liszt; Georges Cziffra1


1975Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 (New Recording)Liszt; Cziffra, Orchestre de Paris, Gyorgy Cziffra, Jr.1
1978Cziffra GyörgyCziffra György1
1987Rhapsodies HongroisesLiszt; Cziffra3
1991WalzerChopin; Georges Cziffra2
1995Gyorgy Cziffra: The 1955-56 Budapest RecordingsGeorges Cziffra1
1996ラ・カンパネラ(ベスト・オブ・リスト)Georges Cziffra1
1996Bartók - Piano Concerto No. 2 - Liszt - Hungarian FantasyGeorges Cziffra, Orchestre Symphonique de Budapest, Mario Rossi, Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire, Pierre Dervaux, Bartók & Liszt1
1997Georges Cziffra plays Chopin, LisztFryderyk Chopin, Franz Liszt; Georges Cziffra1
1997Sonata op. 35 / Polonaise op. 53 / Waltz / Nocturne / Préludes / BerceuseChopin; Rubinstein, Cziffra, Arrau, Magaloff, Tipo, Benedetti Michelangeli1
1998Le Piano VirtuoseGeorges Cziffra1
200110 Hungarian RhapsodiesLiszt; Georges Cziffra1
2001Piano Concertos / Totentanz / Hungarian FantasyFranz Liszt; Georges Cziffra, Orchestre de Paris, György Cziffra, Jr.1
2002Waltzes - ImpromptusChopin; Georges Cziffra1
2004Transcendental Studies / Mephisto Waltz No. 1Liszt; György Cziffra41
12 études d'éxécution transcendanteLiszt; Georges Cziffra1
17 Rhapsodies HongroisesFranz Liszt & Georges Cziffra1
Hungarian RhapsodiesLiszt; Georges Cziffra1
Hungarian RhapsodiesFranz Liszt - Georges Cziffra1

Album + Compilation

1991Les Introuvables de CziffraGeorges Cziffra1
1993Rhapsodies Hongroises / Les Années de pèlerinageLiszt; Georges Cziffra1
1994Cziffra Edition, Vol. 1 : LisztLiszt; Georges Cziffra1
1994Cziffra Edition, Vol. 3 : Liszt / TchaïkovskyLiszt, Tchaïkovsky; Georges Cziffra1
1994Cziffra Edition, Vol. 4 : Daquin / Lully / Rameau / Couperin / RavelDaquin, Lully, Rameau, Couperin, Ravel; Georges Cziffra1
1994Cziffra Edition, Vol. 2 : ChopinChopin; Georges Cziffra1
1994Cziffra Edition, Vol. 5 : Mozart / Beethoven / SchumannMozart, Beethoven, Schumann; Georges Cziffra1
1994Cziffra Edition, Vol. 6 : “Bis” & InéditsGeorges Cziffra1
1996Piano Concerto no. 1 / Violin ConcertoTchaikovsky; Georges Cziffra, Leonid Kogan2
2001Œuvres pour pianoLiszt; Georges Cziffra2
2001Œuvres pour pianoChopin; Georges Cziffra5
2002LisztLiszt; Georges Cziffra2
2011Cziffra in Prague 1955Liszt, CPE Bach, Couperin, Scarlatti; Georges Cziffra1
2012Transcendental Studies / Hungarian RhapsodiesLiszt; Georges Cziffra1
Concertos pour piano no 1 & 2Liszt; Georges Cziffra1
Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 23: György CziffraGeorges Cziffra1

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