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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
1250 Dead Without Reason Lament ?:??
A Cry Near the Forest Lament ?:??
A Cry of Anguish Lament 5:28
A Dream at Sunset Lament ?:??
A New Kind of Normal Lament 3:04
Absolute Predominance Lament 5:18
All in my Head Lament 2:59
Back to the Old House Lament 4 3:30
Chains of Darkness Lament 4:44
Come Near Lament ?:??
Copious Momentum Lament 3:10
Copious Momentum Lament 3:10
Driven to Distraction Lament 4:30
From Pain to Hope Lament 5:02
In Your Shadow Lament 3:09
Inside Out Lament 3:07
Legal Lament 7:16
Mellow Lament 4:31
One Day Lament 3:49
River of Loneliness Lament 5:14
Rome Lament 2:33
Rome Lament 2:33
Roots of Wind Lament ?:??
Sacrifice of Righteousness Lament 5:25
Sentinels LAMENT 2:15
Sun Rays Lament 3:39
Tears of a Leper Lament 3:24
Tears...Instrument for Reflection Lament ?:??
Terminating Existence Lament 4:29
The Mystery of Iniquity Lament 5:37
The Wind of My Heart Lament ?:??
Through the Reflection Lament ?:??
Time Off (cut version) Lament 2:43
Too Late Lament 3:57
U Messed With My Head Lament 3:45

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