members:David Roach (UK saxophonist) (ended: saxophone)
Jim Fieldhouse (saxophone)
Carl Raven (saxophone)
Will Gregory (saxophonist) (from 1994 until 2001)
original members:Jon Rebbeck (ended: saxophone)
Tim Redpath (ended: saxophone)
Rob Buckland (Saxophonist) (from 1985 to present: saxophone)
Andy Scott (saxophonist and composer) (from 1985 to present: saxophone)
subgroup of:Apollo Saxophone Orchestra
founded:Apollo saxophone quartet
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Blue cellsaxophoneJoby Talbot5:17
Distant VariationssaxophoneRoyal Northern College of Music New Ensemble, Clark Rundell, Apollo Saxophone Quartet16:27
Flintsaxophone quartetApollo Saxophone Quartet, Phillip Bush, Michael Torke9:04
Julysaxophone quartetApollo Saxophone Quartet7:32
JulysaxophoneApollo Saxophone Quartet7:32
Songs for Tony: 3rd SongsaxophoneMichael Nyman4:04
Travel Cartoons for the Blind: Chagall Horse-RideApollo Sax QtDjango Bates3:07
Travel Cartoons for the Blind: Funky-Truck DodgeApollo Sax QtDjango Bates2:44
Travel Cartoons for the Blind: My First ScooterApollo Sax QtsaxophoneDjango Bates2:06
Travel Cartoons for the Blind: Paper Boat TripApollo Sax QtDjango Bates2:46