The Cult (British rock band)

~ Group


members: Craig Adams (bass player for Sisters of Mercy/The Mission)
Ian Astbury (vocalist for The Cult)
Mickey Curry
Billy Duffy
Scott Garrett
Martyn LeNoble
Matt Sorum
James Stevenson
Jamie Stewart (bassist with The Cult) (bass guitar) (1983 – 1990)
Nigel Preston (drums (drum set)) (1984-01 – 1985-06)
Les Warner (1985 – 1986)
John Tempesta (membranophone) (2006 –)
Chris Wyse (2006 –)
supporting membranophone by: Michael Lee (1991 – 1992)
supporting artists: Billy Morrison
signed by: Roadrunner Records (2007 – 2008)
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Date Title Artist Length
graphic design
Love The Cult
Love Removal Machine The Cult 6:21
American Horse (one) The Cult 5:10
Automatic Blues The Cult 4:54
Bite on the Bullet The Cult 5:11
Bleeding Heart Graffitti The Cult 5:17
Cashmere The Cult 6:52
Citadel The Cult 4:19
Edie (one) The Cult 5:42
Fire (one) The Cult 6:04
Fred Divinyls The Cult 3:44
Iron Star (demo) The Cult 4:24
Lay Down Your Gun (version one) (demo) The Cult 6:52
Medicine Train (one) The Cult 4:20
My Love The Cult 3:59
New York City (one) The Cult 5:19
Star Child (demo) The Cult 3:39
Sun King (one) The Cult 5:33
The Crystal Ocean The Cult 5:07
The River The Cult 6:52
Wake Up Time for Freedom (one) The Cult 4:58
Yes Man The Cult 5:14
Zodiac The Cult 3:32
Fire Woman: A Tribute to The Cult Various Artists