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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Hold on to Your Woman (12" mix) Yellowman & Fathead 6:07
Honour Your Mother Yellowman 3:19
Hot Fe Me Yellowman 4:02
Hotter Reggae Yellowman 3:28
How You Keep a Dance Yellowman 3:17
How You Keep a Dance Yellowman 3:19
Hunnu Fi Move Yellowman 3:41
Hunny fi Move Yellowman 3:42
Hurt My Pride Yellowman 3:42
I Can't Stand It Yellowman & Fathead 3:25
I Cry Yellowman 4:00
I Goin' to Laugh Off of Them Yellowman 1:47
I Love New York Yellowman 3:47
I Love the Girls Yellowman 3:55
I Love the Girls Yellowman 3:52
I'm Gettin Married in the Morning Yellowman 1:11
I'm Getting Divorced Yellowman 3:32
I'm Getting Divorced Yellowman feat. Fathead 3:24
I'm Getting Married Yellowman 3:17
I'm Getting Married Yellowman 4:07
I'm Getting Married Yellowman 3:13
I'm Getting Married Yellowman 3:55
I'm Getting Married In The Morning Yellowman 3:15
I'm Ready Yellowman 4:12
If You Should Lose Me Yellowman 3:58
If You Should Lose Me/You'll Lose a Good Thing Yellowman 4:21
In a Dis Yellowman ?:??
Intro Yellowman 4:21
Introduction by MC Barry 'Boogieman' Gordon Yellowman 1:42
Island Jam Yellowman 3:45
Jack Sprat Yellowman 2:44
Jah Jah Are We Guiding Star Yellowman 3:21
Jah Jah Made Us for a Purpose Yellowman 2:10
Jah Jah We Are a Guiding Star Yellowman & Fathead 3:18
Jah Mek Us Fi A Purpose Yellowman feat. Sister Nancy 4:10
Jah Mi Fear Yellowman & Charlie Chaplin 0:43
Jah My Guiding Master Yellowman ?:??
Jamaica a fi We Country Yellowman ?:??
Jamaica a Little Miami Yellowman 3:04
Jamaica a Little Miami Yellowman 3:07
Jamaica Nice Yellowman 4:54
Jamaica Nice Yellowman 5:21
Jamaica Nice Yellowman 4:33
Jamaica Nice/Take Me Home Country Roads Yellowman 5:08
Jamaica Proud of Me / Me Too Sexy (Medley) Yellowman 2:53
Jamaica, Jamaica, We Don't Have No Snow Yellowman 3:28
Jean a Miss Follow Fashion Yellowman 4:11
Just Cool Yellowman 2:43
Just Cool Yellowman 2:41
Keep on Moving Yellowman 3:31
Keep on Moving Yellowman 2:52
King Yellowman 3:49
King And Queen Yellowman feat. Sister Nancy 3:20
King fe Dancehall Yellowman 3:26
King Inna the Jungle Yellowman & Fathead 4:03
King of the Crop Yellowman 3:47
Lean on Me, Part 2 Yellowman 3:56
Leave Iraq Alone Yellowman 4:06
Let Me Rock You Yellowman & The Paragons 3:58
Let Me Rock You Yellowman & The Paragons 3:59
Let Me Rock You Yellowman & The Paragons 4:05
Let Me Rock You Yellowman & The Paragons GBAWA0414317 3:57
Let Me Rock You Yellowman & The Paragons ?:??
Let Me Rock You Yellowman & The Paragons 4:00
Let Me Rock You Yellowman 3:59
Letter to Mommy & Daddy Chaka Demus & Yellowman ?:??
Letter to Rose Yellowman 3:42
Letter to Rosey Yellowman 3:44
Life in the Ghetto Yellowman 3:11
Life Is A Heavy Load Yellowman 3:54
Life Story Yellowman ?:??
Lightning and Thunder Yellowman & Fathead 3:23
Little Miss Lue Lue (live, 1982-02-10: Aces Disco, St. Thomas, Jamica) Yellowman & Fathead ?:??
Lone Rider Yellowman 4:32
Long Rider Yellowman 4:27
Look in Me Eye Yellowman 3:46
Lost Me Lover Yellowman 7:33
Lost Mi Love Yellowman 5:11
Lost Mi Love Yellowman 4:15
Lost Mi Love Yellowman 5:14
Lost Mi Love Yellowman 5:12
Lost Mi Lover Yellowman 4:43
Lost Mi Lover Yellowman 4:28
Love Yellowman 4:17
Love Fat Thing Yellowman & Fathead 3:11
Love Is the Answer Basement Jaxx feat. Yellowman GBBKS0300045 4:40
Love It Yellowman 3:59
Love It (Give Me Some Pussy) Yellowman 5:28
Love It Every Time Yellowman ?:??
Love King Yellow Yellowman 4:02
Love King Yellow Yellowman 4:01
Love King Yellowman Yellowman 4:02
Love Letter Yellowman 2:28
Love Me Tender Yellowman 4:11
Love Struck Yellowman 2:48
Lover's Corner Yellowman 2:31
Lovers Corner Yellowman 2:31
Loving Dub Yellowman 3:09
M. Chin Yellowman 2:12
Mad Over Me Yellowman 3:27

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