In Defence

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
...and Toxic Justice for All 2:51
All Hail the Taco Avenger ?:??
Be Yourself 0:22
Ben Crew Is an Asshole ?:??
Bike Thieves Can Suck It! 1:09
Black Metal Mania 2:35
Blank Slate 1:25
Boombox Crew 3:16
Bromophobia ?:??
Bromophobia 0:32
Call More Dudes Part 3 (Girls Are Dudes Too) 1:02
Call More Dudes Part 3 (Girls Are Dudes Too) 1:04
Call More Dudes, Part 2 (Call More Gay Dudes) 0:54
Corporate Bailout 1:42
Curbside Dentistry 2:06
Democracy Hi-Five 2:26
Diehard Hudson Hawk 0:11
Don't Call Me a Moshist 1:48
Don't Call Me A Moshist 1:50
Don't Need You 1:39
Down n' Out (In MPLS) 2:06
F.Y.B. ?:??
False Positive Youth 1:46
Far-GO! 0:39
Fuck 80's Dance Parties 1:23
Fucked Up Kids 1:35
Garbage In Garbage Out 2:31
Garbage In, Garbage Out 2:28
Get Mock! 0:47
Hardcore Is Dead ?:??
Head of the Thrash 2:15
Head Of The Thrash 2:17
High Standards Reap High Results 2:55
I Eat Kids 2:17
In Defence ?:??
In Defence 1:40
In Defence Of The Taco (Party By The Slice Should Change Their Name) 1:13
In Defence of the Taco, Party by the Slice Should Change Their Name ?:??
In Defense Is Our Name Spelled Wrong 1:33
In Defense Is Our Name Spelled Wrong 1:36
Into the Sewer 1:51
Into The Sewer 1:53
Kaos Jack 0:11
Less Talk More Sign Language 5:01
Less Talk, More Sign Language ?:??
Lessons in Headbanging 2:14
Lessons In Headbanging 2:16
Life in the Thrash Lane 2:34
Mosh Against Monstanto 1:42
Mosh Scene Politics 1:55
Moshelle (Mosh You to Hell) 1:16
No Racist Attitude ?:??
No War but Star Wars 2:44
Party Lines and Politics 1:54
Reach Out (And Punch Somebody) ?:??
Reinventing Rob Halford 3:12
Rock Against Guyliner 2:04
Ronald Reagan Is Dead 1:38
See It Through ?:??
Sewer Rats 1:02
Slam in the Pit 2:18
Song for Mark Nelson to Drink a Beer To ?:??
Stand Apart ?:??
Straight-Edge Hangover 1:15
Straightedge Hangover 1:17
Sweet Underground of Awesome Dudes ?:??
The Ballad of Jessie Bastard ?:??
The Kids Will Still Have Their Say 1:24
The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is the Crust 3:25
The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust 3:27
The Police Are Fuckin'Rad! 1:14
Total Filler, No Killer 1:36
Twin Cities Crew ?:??
Twin Cities Crew 2:55
Two Week Notice ?:??
Veronica Mars, Bringer of War 0:49
Wish You Weren't Here 2:27

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