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Nearly all of Ulf Lundell's (huge) back catalog was re-released in april 2000 in digipacks. Most of these re-releases are remasters, and nearly all of them include various bonus tracks, in some cases entire bonus discs.

When adding or changing albums here, check carefully that you really have the same track listing, while it may look like a lot of duplicates the albums often differ significantly.

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1975VargmåneUlf Lundell55
1976TörstUlf Lundell5
1978Nådens årUlf Lundell4
1979Ripp RappUlf Lundell4
1980Längre inåt landetUlf Lundell4
1982Kär och galenUlf Lundell3
1984SweetheartsUlf Lundell4
198412 sångerUlf Lundell3
1985Den vassa eggenUlf Lundell4
1987Det goda livetUlf Lundell2
1988EvangelineUlf Lundell3
1989Utanför murarnaUlf Lundell2
1993Måne över HavängUlf Lundell2
1994XavanteUlf Lundell1
1996På andra sidan drömmarnaUlf Lundell1
1997Män utan kvinnorUlf Lundell1
1998SluggerUlf Lundell2
1999FanzineUlf Lundell1
2000I ett vinterlandUlf Lundell2
2002Club ZebraUlf Lundell1
2003En eld ikvällUlf Lundell1
2004OK baby OKUlf Lundell1
2005HögtryckUlf Lundell1
2005LazarusUlf Lundell2
2008OmahaUlf Lundell1
2012Rent förbannatUlf Lundell22
2013TrunkUlf Lundell1
2018SkisserUlf Lundell1
2019Tranorna kommerUlf Lundell1
2020TelegramUlf Lundell1
2021Cirkus:CoronaUlf Lundell1

Album + Compilation

1991Livslinjen 1975-91Ulf Lundell41
1992Preskiberade Romanser 1978-88Ulf Lundell1
1995RebellerUlf Lundell1
1995Öppna landskap 7595Ulf Lundell42
1995Slutna rum 7595Ulf Lundell41
1999Når jeg kysser havet: Ulf Lundells besteUlf Lundell1
2006Danielas hus, det bästa 2: 84-94Ulf Lundell1
2006När jag kysser havet, det bästa 1: 75-84Ulf Lundell1
2006Venus & Jupiter, det bästa 3: 95-05Ulf Lundell1
2007Under vulkanenUlf Lundell1

Album + Live

1977Natten hade varit mild och ömUlf Lundell & Nature5
1993Lundell Live: Maria kom tillbakaUlf Lundell1
1996BosniaUlf Lundell1
2011Unplugged SoloUlf Lundell2
2011Roskilde Orange Stage 2 juli 1999Ulf Lundell21


1978Bergets topp / Sista portenUlf Lundell1
1996UppUlf Lundell1
1997Av himmeln sändUlf Lundell1
1998Ärrad och brändUlf Lundell1
2002S:t MonicaUlf Lundell1
2005Vitt regnUlf Lundell1
2012Är vi lyckliga nu?Ulf Lundell1
Om SommarenUlf Lundell1


2001Jolly RogerUlf Lundell1

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