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Kirchhof - Lute works, Volume 1Sylvius Leopold Weiss1
Lute Works Volume 2Sylvius Leopold Weiss1


1971Barock MusikJ.S. Bach, Weiss, Scarlatti, Sanz; Narciso Yepes1
1979German Lute Music of the Eighteenth CenturyJohann Sebastian Bach, Sylvius Leopold Weiss & Konrad Junghänel1
1980Die Barocklaute I & IIJ. S. Bach, Conradi, Kellner, Weiss; Eugen M. Dombois1
1990Ouverture & SuitesSylvius Leopold Weiss; Konrad Junghänel1
1991Sonatas for LuteSylvius Leopold Weiss; Franklin Lei1
1991Tombeau / Fantasie / Passacaglia / Capriccio / Suite in A / Sonata in ASylvius Leopold Weiss; Horst Klee1
1994Ars MelancholiaeSylvius Leopold Weiss; José Miguel Moreno2
1994Lute Works, Volume 3Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Lutz Kirchhof1
1994Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 1Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1994Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 2Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1995Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 3Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1996Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 4Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1996The Portable Weiss FestivalSylvius Leopold Weiss1
1997Baroque Music (Weiss, Scarlatti, Buxtehude)Dieterich Buxtehude, Domenico Scarlatti, Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Roberto Aussel1
1997Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 5Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1997Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 6Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1997Sonatas for Lute, Volume 1Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
1998Partitas pour luthSylvius Leopold Weiss; Hopkinson Smith1
1998Sonatas for Lute, Volume 2: No. 5 in G major / No. 25 in G minor / No. 50 in B flat majorSylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
1998Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 7Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
1999Sonatas for Lute, Volume 3: Nos. 2, 27 and 35Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
1999Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 8Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
2000Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 9Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
2001Music for Lute, Violin & VioloncelloJohann Sebastian Bach, Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Giuliano Carmignola, Francesco Galligioni, Lutz Kirchhof1
2001Sonatas for Lute, Volume 4: Nos. 46, 21 and 37Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2002Lute Sonatas, Volume 5: Nos. 38 and 43Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2002Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 10Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin1
2003Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 11Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin, Christiane Laflamme1
2004Lute ConcertiSylvius Leopold Weiss; Tempesta di Mare, Richard Stone1
2004Le Manuscrit de Londres, Vol. 12Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin, Christiane Laflamme1
2005Lute Sonatas, Volume 6: Nos. 7, 23 and 45Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2006Sonatas Played on the Unique 1590 Sixtus Rauwolf LuteWeiss; Lindberg1
2006Lute Sonatas, Volume 7: Nos. 15 and 48Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2007VivaldiAntonio Vivaldi, Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Katona Twins, Carducci String Quartet2
2007Lute Sonatas, Volume 8: Nos. 19, 34 and 36Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2007Concerto for Two Lutes / SuitesSylvius Leopold Weiss; Bernhard Hofstötter, Dolores Costoyas1
2008Gitarrenduos des BarockSylvius Leopold Weiss, Johann Sebastian Bach; Niehusmann Gitarren Duo1
2008Lute Sonatas, Volume 9: Nos. 32, 52 and 94Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2010Ayumi: Baroque Lute DuetsG.P. Telemann, Corigniani, S.L. Weiss; Toyohiko Satoh, Miki Satoh2
2010Lute Sonatas, Volume 10Silvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2011LautenmusikSylvius Leopold Weiss1
2012Lute Sonatas, Volume 11Silvius Leopold Weiss; Robert Barto1
2015Lute MusicBach, Weiss; Toyohiko Satoh2
The Baroque LuteDavid Kellner, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Gottfried Conradi, Sylvius Leopold Weiss; Eugen M. Dombois1

Album + Compilation

2015The Complete London ManuscriptSilvius Leopold Weiss; Michel Cardin2

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